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West Virginia smokes Kansas 49-0

Allegedly, KU played a football game today.

This was probably the only fan in attendance.
This was probably the only fan in attendance.
John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Once again, KU football proved that they're good for one or two fluke performances per season and that those performances don't really mean anything in terms of progress.

The first minute of the game actually went well for the Jayhawks.  West Virginia received the opening kick, but then proceeded put the ball on the carpet on their second play of the game.  WVU recovered, but KU still forced a three-and-out.  The Jayhawks then promptly fumble on their second play from scrimmage, with West Virginia again recovering, and from there on out, it was all Mountaineers.

Even West Virginia's backups beat Kansas 7-0 in the second half.

West Virginia racked up 630 yards of total offense - including 426 on the ground - to KU's 221 total yards.  It was complete domination.

The rebuilding job for David Beaty and his staff has been described as "Herculean" or "Monumental" among other adjectives, and all of them combined may not be enough to adequately describe it.  Kansas came out absolutely unprepared today, and yes, part of that is on the coaching staff.  However, it's also apparent that they don't have the horses to compete week in and week out in Division 1 football, let alone in the Big 12.

The 2015 season will mercifully end next weekend, Nov 28, after what is sure to be another beatdown at the hands of Grandpa and the Spacedicks.