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K-Uniform Review: Oklahoma

What did the Kansas football team wear in their game this past weekend? We examine the good, the bad, and the ugly in the game against Oklahoma.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Not much to report this week in the uniform department. This is the first time this season that KU has worn a combination that they had previously worn. This is the exact same combination of White/Blue/White that KU wore in the second game against Memphis.

The twist this weekend was the emblems on the side of the helmet. The left side featured the angry 1941 Jayhawk while the right side sported the KU logo in Trajan font. I like this helmet logo combination quite a bit as it sports some old and new elements. Other than the helmet, what can you say? This combination looks pretty darn good.

So, not too much to say as far as Kansas goes, but Oklahoma? Yep, they did plenty of things wrong with their uniform set this weekend. As a set, this uniform looks pretty fresh, but I’m not one that likes to mess around with tradition, especially to a team with so much history. Oklahoma is supposed to wear a crimson helmet with the interlocking O and U, not a white helmet (although as a stand alone, I will say that it is pretty fine looking lid). But when KU was already wearing an untraditional white helmet, the traditional OU crimson helmet would’ve been welcome.

And I know that even the most historically successful teams have been tinkering with their uniforms, so I shouldn’t get so upset when I see shortened stripes on the Oklahoma pants and red shoulder yokes on the jerseys, but I do. Something just looks off when a team like the Sooners wears new-age looking uniforms. I will however concede that the creamy color that OU used looked pretty nice. But, winning teams can stick to their traditional looks and no one would bat an eye. It’s teams like Kansas who need to go out there and try something different to grab some positive attention.

I hope the KU program eventually gets to the point where the focus is on the great action on the field rather than the great new emblem they threw on the side of the helmet that particular week. Let’s hope that happens sooner rather than later.