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Know Your KU History: Jeff Boschee

It’s time to talk about the best three point shooter in the history of the Kansas program.

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The thing about Jeff Boschee is that he looks a lot like a regular dude. In fact, he was so anonymous that before the basketball season started, in the fall semester of 1998, he was often found in Robinson Gym shooting hoops with average Kansas students. My wife likes to tell the story of how she and her boyfriend at the time were hanging out at Robinson shooting baskets when some guy asked to join in on their game of around the world. Well, that guy happened to be Jeff Boschee, and that guy went around the world without missing.

But really, would you expect anything less from the all-time leader in three-point baskets at the University of Kansas? I hope that he would destroy my wife in what equates to a simple shooting drill.

The sharp shooter from Valley City, North Dakota had a remarkably consistent career at Kansas. He never dipped below 10 points per game for a single season at KU and if it hadn’t been for a down junior season (as compared to his stellar sophomore and senior seasons), his total makes from downtown would be almost untouchable. They still might be.

Boschee came to KU as a McDonald’s All-American and was immediately inserted into the starting lineup by head coach Roy Williams. He played shooting guard and point guard, had a shaved head, and averaged 10.9 points per game. That season, he shot his lowest percentage from three-point land (35.6%) but it was obvious that his coach had high expectations for Boschee from the get-go. During that 1998-99 season, Boschee chucked up 222 shots from downtown. KU had never had another player throw up as many from beyond the arc in the history of the program. The only person to attempt more was Boschee himself when he tossed up a school record 237 tries from beyond the arc during his senior season.

In that 2001-02 season, Boschee had his best all-around season in a KU uniform. He made 110 of his 237 threes for a 46.4%, good enough for second best in the NCAA that year for players with enough attempts. He also averaged 2.4 rebounds per game that season and 2.6 assists. That 2001-02 team went to the Final Four and Boschee did not disappoint in his final postseason as a Jayhawk. He averaged 13 PPG in the five tournament games including a 19 point performance in the second round game against Stanford where Jeff was forced to play more minutes because of an ankle injury to Kirk Hinrich. Boschee also scored 17 points in the national semifinal loss to Maryland.

If you want more info on Boschee and don’t mind it being coated with adoration, check out this post that our very own Fetch wrote in 2010. Last year, I also compared Boschee to another great three point bomber, Terry Brown, right here.

After playing at KU, Boschee played on teams in lower divisions of the US basketball ladder as well as in Europe. Upon returning, Boschee started coaching at Barstow, a private school in Kansas City. He then moved on to the college ranks where he was an assistant at Missouri Southern University in Joplin.

In April of 2014, Boschee took over as head coach of that program. The Lions finished this season with a 22-10 (12-7 in conference) record and made it to the conference championship game before losing to Pittsburg State. Boschee’s coaching reputation is on the rise.