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Kansas @ TCU: The View From Wherever I Happened to Be

The following are the notes that I took during the game. Think of it as live-tweeting, though some comments are longer than 140 characters.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Supposed to be a beautiful day today.

I'll take a light jacket with me to Lawrence.

Heading to Pyramid Pizza in downtown Lawrence with the wife for some Bonez before the volleyball game.

(Also to watch the first half of the football game.)

Didn't get away from the house until about 10:40.  Gonna miss the first few minutes.

Bonez are ordered.

Criminy, how do you false start out of a timeout?

Coaches are fired up.

Willis is fired up.

0-9 and they still care.  Seems like that's been missing the last several years.

Kinner with a big run.  I'd say he looks healthy again.

Holy cow we made a field goal!

Holy cow we got a sack on third down!

Holy cow there's a pass interference call on the other team!

Holy cow we just scored a touchdown!!!

Man that Taylor Cox kid runs hard!

What is happening?

TCU has their backup in.  Boykin hurt his ankle?

Where has this defense been all year?  Did they just learn to tackle this past week in practice or something?

Ugh another punt from midfield.  Downed at the four-yard line at least.  Maybe with the way the defense is playing today that's a good call?

Looks like we'll be happy to take a tie into halftime, but TCU using timeouts.

And then they run it twice as the clock run out.  Weird.

Hafltime - I gotta head over to Horesji for the volleyball game.

Volleyball Jayhawks race out to 9-5 lead in first set.

Tiana Dockery on fire early.

KU finishes off first set 25-17.  Kelsie Payne finally got involved late in that set.

Payne is really good, y'all.

Run out to the hallway to check the football score.  (I don't get service inside the arena.)

Football Jayhawks trailing 13-10 with five minutes left in the third quarter.  It's still a game.

Back to the arena.

Old guy in front of me gets signal on his phone.  We quickly become friends.

Volleyball Jayhawks take commanding 8-2 lead in second set.  It's not supposed to be this easy.

Kelsie Payne with five of those eight points.

Kelsie Payne is REALLY good, y'all.

This is the same TCU team that swept Texas earlier this year.

Second set was easy-peasy, KU takes it 25-15.

Back to the hallway to watch the game on my Fox Sports Go app.

Oh, just in time to see TCU score on a 42-yard play.

Football Jayhawks trailing 20-10 now, 12 minutes left in the game.

KU goes three-and-out.  Maybe I'm bad luck.  Turn it off, go back in the arena.

Volleyball TCU takes 12-7 lead.  C'mon ‘Hawks.

Football Jayhawks hold TCU to field goal.

Volleyball Jayhawks tie up the third set at 16-all.

Payne with another hot streak.

Did I tell y'all she's really, REALLY good yet?

Football Jayhawks get a touchdown!  Six minutes left, down 23-17.

Why wouldn't you go for two there?

Hear me out.

It's 23-16 after the touchdown.  If you go for two and don't get it, you're down 7.  If they score as much as a field goal, you're down two possessions.  If you do get it, you can hold them to a field goal and be down only one possession.  If they score a TD, you're down two possessions anyway.

KU kicks the PAT.  Whatever.

TCU goes three and out.  Should they have gone for it on 4th-and-1?

Meanwhile, after being down 19-18 in the third set, the Volleyball Jayhawks rip off six straight points.

The box score looks like this: Dockery, Payne, Payne, Havili ace, Payne, Payne, Rigdon.

Volleyball Jayhawks finish off the third set comeback, put down TCU 25-20.

Kelsie Payne is really good.

Beeline it out of the arena.

Pass Brannen Greene outside.

Look him right in the eye.

I say, "Good game last night."

He says, "Thanks, man."


Wife was a little star-struck.  She couldn't believe I spoke to him.

Get the football game back up on the app on the phone during the walk back to the car.

TCU with the lead and ball with 4:36 left.

Defense gets another third down sack, forces a punt.

This is craziness.

Three minutes and 52 yards away from one of the biggest upsets of the last several years.

And Ryan Willis just threw his first ever interception.

Awful pass.

Just awful.

Defense forces another three and out.

Holy cow.

(Lots of sacred cows out today, apparently.)

Tough try for Parmalee, but still a drop.

Two yard scramble.

Incomplete pass.

And a sack... with a three-man rush.  There's the O-line we've been used to seeing all year.

So close.


Kansas football doing Kansas football things again.

I wonder how many drops we had today?


Head back toward home.  There's chores to do.

Should we have hope for the last two games of the year?  (Both at home?)

Or is this just more fool's gold?

We'll find out in a week I guess.