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KU Predictions: Northern Colorado

The festival of the roundball has started, and our writing staff is eagerly awaiting the chance to celebrate a Jayhawk men's victory this year.

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What’s that sound?  Can it be? It is! It’s the sound of a real basketball bouncing on a real floor in a real game tonight.  The real college sports season is about to start, and our writing crew was so excited that they couldn’t wait to weigh in on what we are going to see tonight.  Feel free to join us in the comments, but get ready to read through some completely (and rightly) optimistic accounts of a Jayhawk game.

dnoll5: Well, I’ve been geographically forbidden to watch the two preseason games, but I’ve always sort of ignored those anyway, so it won’t hinder my prediction making one bit.  Perry Ellis is set up to have a monster season for KU, so I expect him to get off to a good start in this one, let’s call it 22 and 11.  I think Frank Mason is the best player on the court almost all the time (and obviously the biggest key to KU’s engine running right), so I say he’ll have a nice performance as well.  Let’s call that one 15 points and 8 assists.  And I know nothing about Northern Colorado.  But after scouring their schedule last season, I feel pretty confident that Bill Self will get to use his bench plenty tonight. Kansas 90, Northern Colorado 65.

Fizzle406: I really like Bragg. I am 100% on the Braggwagon. This will be a good time to work out some more of the kinks in the system but KU should win their first of 2 games against the big sky conference this head handedly. Kansas 98, Northern Colorado 57

Hammen: The first exhibition game was gross, the second was better, and hopefully it was a good couple days of practice for the Jayhawks.  I’d love to see a good ol’ fashioned season-opening romp, so the confidence level is high going into the Michigan State game. Will we see Lagerald Vick play, thus eliminating the possibility of a redshirt?  Hopefully that’s the most dramatic part of this game.  Kansas 86, Northern Colorado 62.

mikeville: Apparently dnoll5 needs to learn the magic of ZenMate.  I recommend.  Anyway, the only thing I know about Northern Colorado is that they beat K-State a year or two ago, and fetch said on Twitter that they’re not very good.  I’ll say Perry goes for 25 and 15, and the Jayhawks win easily: Kansas 89, Northern Colorado 60.

KU Grad 08: I feel like we will some early season slop, but Ellis should have a field day and I think we’ll have a hot shooting stretch or two to create some space. Kansas 78, Northern Colorado 62.

Winmore: Garçon? Cheick please. Unfortunately, not just yet Jayhawk fans. Even without Diallo though, ‘Hawk fans should feel good about this team. Last season, as good as Oubre was, the Jayhawks were at their best with Frank Mason III and Devonte Graham on the floor together. We’re starting the season that way now. Graham’s stat line of eight boards and eight assists from the Pitt State game last week has to have Bill Self sporting that Okie grin of his. Having two point guards on the floor will free up Mason for more scoring opportunities. More than that though, having Graham on the floor moves Wayne Seldon to the 3-spot where he seems much better suited to be productive than he was as at the 2 last season. Even if Traylor starts tonight, look for the freshman Carlton Bragg to come in for him early. The kid looked great running the high low through two exhibition games. The Bears are a middling Big Sky Conference team. A fine tune up for the Jayhawks before they take on Michigan State on Tuesday. Kansas 93, Northern Colorado 66.

NineToesBlogging: I personally want to start these basketball predictions with saying that these Jayhawks might be the deepest group Coach Self has had ever at KU. I think Perry Ellis will put in 23 points with a bulky 8 rebounds. I like Wayne Selden Jr to create his own shot and pour in a healthy 18 topping off with Frank Masons 16 and 10. Rock Chalk in this one. Kansas 88, Northern Colorado 62.

misterbrain: It’s so refreshing to be able to make a prediction knowing full well that anything other than a victory for your team would be nearly impossible.  It doesn’t look to be a very good night for the state of Colorado, as the Buffaloes just lost to Iowa State and Northern Colorado has a big loss coming against the Jayhawks.  It’s a night to get everyone going in real competition, and I’m expecting to see most of these guys pick up from where they left off in the Universiade.  Kansas will score early and often. Kansas 99, Northern Colorado 63.