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Late Night at the Phog: Open Thread

Basketball season officially begins NOW!

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

How to Watch

All I could find on this is the following from

Time Warner Cable SportsChannel will oversee the television production of Late Night, which will be seen live on the Jayhawk TV Network, including ESPN3.

So I would say the cliché, "Check your local listings."  Hopefully it won't be blacked out in-state, but I don't know how to look that stuff up.  However, if you're able to watch, feel free to join in the conversation below!

About Late Night

A tradition since 1985, the annual Late Night at the Phog event is scheduled to run from approximately 6:30 - 9:30 PM tonight in Allen Fieldhouse.

Introduced in 1985 by Larry Brown, the first Late Night event attracted about 6,000 fans who showed up 12:01 AM - hence the name.

The event features skits by the men's and women's basketball players, video highlights, coach and player introductions, and eventually, a scrimmage.

Last year, Bill Self "famously" wore the outfit you see pictured, something eerily similar to what Andrew Wiggins wore on draft night when he was selected #1 overall after his freshman campaign at KU.

Two years ago, Self did one of my favorite parodies of all time as he impersonated Ron Burgundy.

It's also a big recruiting weekend for the Jayhawks, too, as KU will be hosting some of the top players in the country tonight.

A new event this year will feature two people, a guy and gal, randomly selected to each shoot two half-court shots.  Should they hit one, they'll get a check for $10,000 on the spot from Bill Self.  In a twist, should the person selected not wish to shoot, they can select anyone in the building to shoot for them with the exception of any current players or any of the recruits.