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Kansas Basketball Recruiting Update: 10.09.15

Fear the Phog!!

Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

In the first major installment of the basketball season I obviously will be veering away from football for this week and instead be focusing on the 11-time Big 12 Conference Champion Kansas Jayhawks. Boy, it just gets me so giddy! This report will be an initial synopsis of the possible prospects considering Kansas who could end up in Lawrence.  It is important to know that Kansas, as to no one's surprise, is a major player in many 5-star prospects and announcements coming soon can and will change the landscape of College Basketball. I will be using the Crystal Ball Prediction machine because who doesn't love predictions, right? Let's start it off:

Point Guards:

De'Aaron Fox/ Katy, Texas/ National Rank: 3, Position Rank: 1

Prediction: Kentucky (95%) Kansas (5%)

Shooting Guards:

Josh Jackson/ Detroit, Michigan/ National Rank: 1, Position Rank: 1

Prediction: Arizona (29%) Michigan State (21%) Kansas (21%)


1) Marques Bolden/ DeSoto, Texas/ National Rank: 20, Position Rank: 1

Prediction: Duke (76%) Kansas (18%) Kentucky (6%)

2) Schnider Herard/ Plano, Texas/ National Rank: 43, Position Rank: 4

Prediction: Mississippi State (43%) Kansas (29%)

There is still plenty of time for the Kansas Jayhawks to add names to this list and with the season haven't even starting yet it is clear that the Jayhawks will be counting on their performance this season to lure in recruits. Arguably the best recruiting tactic the Jayhawks have is an official visit. There is nothing quite like Allen Fieldhouse rocking and chalking and when these high profile recruits get on campus for a visit, and I fully expect it to change some prospects minds on their final decision.

I'm fact, several of these guys - Fox, Herard, and Bolden - will all be in the house for Late Night at the Phog tonight.  So while they may not get the true game day experience, they'll definitely get the next best thing.