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Kansas Falls to Iowa State 38-13

Jayhawks' road losing streak now at 35 games.

Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

In what was billed as KU's last chance to get a win in 2015, the Jayhawks fell short in Ames to the Fighting Manginos Rhodeses, 38-13.

If this was the first college football game you'd watched all year, you'd probably think that ISU freshman RB Mike Warren was a Heisman contender, or that Sam B. Richardson was an all-conference QB, or that maybe Iowa State has one of the best defensive lines in the country.

No, no, and no, but of course, since they were playing Kansas, the Cyclones looked really, really good.  Just one example: Iowa State came into the game averaging 3.2 ypc on the season.  Against Kansas, they averaged 6.6, with Mike Warren himself averaging 9.7 today.

Kansas kept it close into the middle of the second quarter, but once Iowa State figured out it was easier to throw middle and deep passes on KU than short passes, the game turned quickly, and the Jayhawks never threatened to put themselves in a position to get a win.

KU had a few good plays, of course, and you could see some potential, but once again, the bad more than outweighed the good.  Cozart hit Parmalee on a nice TD pass, and Marcquis Roberts had a really nice pick-6 for KU's other TD.  But penalties, missed assignments, and just an overall lack of talent doomed Kansas to their 35th straight loss away from Memorial Stadium.

Cozart left during the third quarter with a shoulder strain, and we finally got an extended look at Ryan Willis during the rest of the second half.  Give him credit, the kid isn't afraid of contact.  He has some pocket presence, and even showed off a nice, big arm on a deep 38-yard pass to Steven Sims.

It should also be noted that we didn't see Ke'aun Kinner in the second half, so we'll need to keep an eye out for an injury update on him as well as Cozart.

One commenter in the open game thread noted that this is what it's supposed to feel like when you play Oklahoma, not when you play the second-worst team in the conference.  Things look extremely bleak for KU going forward as they face the rest of the Big 12 Conference, starting with front-runner Baylor next weekend.  Keeping teams under 50 points from here on out would be quite the accomplishment.  Unfortunately, the path to 0-12 is littered with moral victories.

Let's hope something crazy happens and KU surprises somebody - anybody.  I still like David Beaty, but now we see just how far the Jayhawks have to go to even get up to ninth place in the conference.  He's got his work cut out for him, and for now, he still deserves our support.