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Games to Watch in Week 9 of College Football

Each Thursday we bring you a slate of big college football games so you can plan your week accordingly.

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Here at "Games to Watch" headquarters, we’re back to giving you some advice on actual games to watch instead of making fun of all the hilariously stupid matchups that each and every week presents.  Plus, we add in a lower division rivalry game just for the heck of it. Here you go:

West Virginia at TCU

Finally, a Thursday night game that people can be interested in.  We’re not relegated to Conference USA/American Conference action, we can watch some good old fashioned Big 12 mayhem.  There’s the added bonus that this game falls on a World Series off day, but the real intrigue could be seeing if TCU can win a game and actually move up (or not fall) in the rankings.  Watch it tonight at 6:30 CT on Fox Sports One.

Georgia v Florida

The world’s largest cocktail party is far more interesting when the Florida Gators are good.  They come into this tilt in Jacksonville as the eleventh ranked team in the country and are three point favorites to win, but the most exciting thing for me is that both teams have promised to wear their home uniforms for this game.  Red versus blue. It should be glorious, and you can see it at 2:30 PM CT on CBS.

Texas at Iowa State

Now that Mark Mangino is out as offensive coordinator at Iowa State, I fully expect them to score three points total for the rest of the season, starting with this game as Texas strolls into Ames on a hot streak.  Yes, Coach Mangino likes his revenge served immediately and harshly after he is asked to leave (ask KU fans) and I truly think Iowa State will pay the consequences of that with continued irrelevancy in football ad infinitum.  This game kicks off at 6:00 PM CT on FS1.

Notre Dame at Temple

As I mentioned last week, in this column space, Temple is good.  They are 7-0 and ranked number 21 in the country with a win over Penn State under their belt.  Notre Dame is a different story however.  Their only loss came to highly ranked Clemson.  Something has got to give, and you can see just what that something is at 7:00 PM CT on ABC.

Missouri Southern at Pittsburg State

The Miners Bowl.  Joplin at Pittsburg.  Lions v Gorillas.  Football at a lower level is sometimes football like it should be played.  No frills, no giant grandiose stadiums, no College Gameday, just football.  If you like football, check out this game on ESPN3 at 2:00 PM CT.