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Big 12 Power Rankings: Week 9 - Shaking it up.

Week 8 action caused a lot of movement in the rankings. In fact, only one team stayed in the same spot as last week, and I'm sure you can guess which team it was.

Did Oklahoma State do enough to take the top spot?
Did Oklahoma State do enough to take the top spot?
Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports

So this weekend went about as well as you could expect, except for one significant injury that may affect the Big 12 title chase.

1. Oklahoma (Last Week: 4) - Honestly, I shocked myself with this pick too, but since losing to a not as bad as they looked Texas team, they completely destroyed their next two opponents.  Kansas State was expected to lose big, but the complete demolition of Texas Tech shows that they are back on track again.

2. Oklahoma State (Last Week: 3) - Still undefeated, this team just keeps doing what they are supposed to do.  The defense keeps dominating, the offense is running in high gear, and I'm not even sure the other top teams can stop them at this point.

3. TCU (Last Week: 2) - The bye week gave them time to rest up and prepare for the gauntlet that is coming up.  The injuries they've sustained this year haven't caught up with them yet, but we'll see how much of a problem they are going to be very soon.

4. Baylor (Last Week: 1) - Normally I'd wait to drop them until we see how well they can continue after the injury to Seth Russell, but the other teams above them now are all operating at a high level, and any true freshman is going to take time to acclimate to the system.  They could very well jump back up shortly, but they'll fit right here until they do.

5. Texas (Last Week: 8) - It's a real shakeup, but of the teams left, the Longhorns have all the momentum.  The big win over Oklahoma seems to be much less about the Sooners laying down and messing up and much more about Texas improving and surprising people.

6. Texas Tech (Last Week: 5) - That's pretty embarrassing to lose to Oklahoma the way they did, but they clearly look to be in the second tier of teams. The defense hasn't been able to keep up with the offense, but luckily the majority of the gauntlet has passed.

7. West Virginia (Last Week: 6) - The bye week gives them a chance to regroup and try to get their first win in conference.  Unfortunately, they get a Horned Frogs team that is also coming off a bye.  It will be a tough test, but the way this season has been going, they should at least be in the game late.

8. Iowa State (Last Week: 9) - While they haven't gotten positive results, they have at least shown life during their games, which is more than can be said for the two teams below them.

9. Kansas State (Last Week: 7) - They followed up being spanked at home by being utterly useless on offense against the Longhorns.  It seems that the early injuries exposed the complete lack of depth on this team.  It will be interesting to see if they can get it together before facing the Jayhawks.

10. Kansas (Last Week: 10) - It appears that Texas Tech's defense was as bad as they appeared to be early in the season.  Looking at point outputs, Kansas took a step back this week.  But Oklahoma State is a much more complete team, so this week's result shouldn't be that troubling.  Texas doesn't look like a chance at a win anymore, but Kansas State is starting to look like a potential chance to get a victory this year.

How did we do?  Is there any other team that should have kept its spot?