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K-Uniform Review: Oklahoma State

What did the Kansas football team wear in their game this past weekend? We examine the good, the bad, and the ugly in the game against Oklahoma State.

Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports

I think the people over in the KU athletic department read this blog. If they don’t, they just happen to have the same exact ideas that we here at the weekly uniform review have. No, they definitely read it. All the complaints and compliments that we’ve given over the past few seasons seem to be answered on an almost weekly basis. Saturday was the topper.

Last week, I wrote this:

“The only complaint that I have is one that I’ve voiced before and I know many of the commenters on this site feel the same way. They grey is way too dark. It just doesn’t work well with the blue jerseys as much as it does with the white ones. Bring back a lighter shade of grey and this uniform will look excellent.”

The only way I could’ve been more right is if I added a sentence along the lines of this: “But even still, a lighter shade of grey would make any of the uniform combinations look better.”

Folks, we have now solved all of our uniform woes. As long as the football staff keep their wits about them and continue to make traditional and responsible (read: lots of blue at home) decisions, it’s almost impossible to have a bad look. Just wear these light grey pants or the white pants all the time at home and we have a winner.

It’s probably pretty obvious that I love this uniform. And it opens up the possibility that we will see the best combinations possible at home in the coming weeks. The fact that they ever went away from these light grey pants is the real mystery. Why abandon a uniform element that looks so good?

I’ve heard some complain that these pants make KU look too much like the New York Giants, and I agree that the teams look really similar, especially if KU goes with the grey pants at home. But why are we complaining? The Giants have a classic look and their home uniforms are some of the best in the NFL. Mimicking a great look is fine by me.

While we’re at it and since we know that the powers that be over in the Kansas football department are reading this anyway, I’d like to request that KU wear Blue/Blue/Light Grey for Oklahoma next week and Blue/Blue/White for K-State to end the season. Against West Virginia, feel free to mix in the white helmet. Oh, and thanks for reading.