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Kansas never challenges in 58-10 loss to Oklahoma State

Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports

Fans got a brief glimpse of hope last week when the Jayhawks had a chance to knock off Texas Tech before ultimately losing 30-20. This week, hope never even made an appearance as Oklahoma State dominated Kansas from start to finish. Dropped passes and three & outs plagued the KU offense through the first quarter, and early in the second, a botched long snap led to a 21-0 deficit. The 'Hawks were buried 35-3 before seeing their biggest play of the game, a 33 yard touchdown strike from Ryan Willis to Steven Sims Jr.

As for the second half, we all know the drill Oklahoma State took their foot off the gas and put in the second team by the end of the third quarter. Still, Kansas couldn't generate any offense, ending the day with just 221 yards. Oklahoma State did all the scoring in the second half, even taking on a safety for a 58-10 victory.

Ryan Willis showed more flashes of talent and hope for the future and his stat line was the victim of multiple dropped passes once again, but he also made some freshman mistakes, ending up just 12 of 31 for 191 yards and a touchdown with two picks. The running game did little to help, with DeAndre Mann's 30 yards leading the team. It was just more of what we all expected coming into this season. Kansas was outgunned in every aspect of the game and never looked competitive.

Just as a quick aside, I'd like to briefly say that our hearts here at RCT go out to the Oklahoma State community, who lost three lives in a horrific incident during their homecoming parade. On behalf of the RCT staff and community, I wish for a speedy recovery to the dozens who were injured, and our hearts go out to the friends and families of those who lost their lives.