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KU Predictions: Oklahoma State

Our crew gets together to make wild predictions about a game that we have no real clue on what to expect.

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The game against Texas Tech gave us hope, as it appears that we have a decent quarterback to groom for the future.  Does that bright future start today?  Probably not, but feel free to let us know when you think that will happen.  Take a second to put in a score prediction of your own, then read on to see how our staff thinks the game will go.

mikeville: Who knows what to expect in this game.  As Matt Tait pointed out earlier this week, over the last several years, anytime we thought the Jayhawks were making progress, they immediately went out and got smashed.  I don’t know that anyone is even cautiously optimistic about this game - I’ll be honest, I’m not.  This program has only shown that they know how to lose and lose big.  Hopefully that changes, but I’m finally to the point where I’ll have to see it to believe it.  Also, I’ll go out on a limb and say that KU makes one extra point this weekend. Oklahoma State 52, Kansas 19

KU Grad 08: I predict Willis continues to play well, KU continues to put up some points, and the defense makes a few more strides. Of course, none of that is enough to win. Okie Light 37, Kansas 17.

dnoll5: Well, the emergence of Ryan Willis has got to be the bright spot so far this season for KU, so all I’m really looking for is consistent learning from him.  The best way to learn is to do, and these games where Kansas is getting spanked could prove fruitful in a few years, not only for Willis and Co., but the team as a whole.  It’s hard to feel progress when you’re getting smashed every week, but somehow, David Beaty makes me feel like it is happening.  Still, there’s no way KU is even coming close in this one. OSU 49, KU 14.

Fizzle406: Will we see continued progress from last week or will there be a drop off playing on the road? I don’t expect to see as close of a game as we did against Tech. Willis may continue to grow and gain more experience but this is an awfully tough game for the a freshman. OSU 58, Kansas 13

NineToesBlogging: Ryan "What you talkin’ bout" Willis will throw for 300 yards and 3TD all while not turning the ball over. The defense will force 2 turnovers and put the Jayhawks in a prime opportunity to win it in the 4th quarter. ** sips Kool Aid** Kansas 27, Oklahoma State 21.

Winmore: If this game was in Lawrence, I might feel willing to flirt with the idea of an upset, as NineToes so bravely did up there. The last two meetings between these teams in Memorial Stadium have been tight affairs with Kansas just a few plays away from stealing a victory. In both games (2012 & 2014) KU QB Michael Cummings played the key role. Since one of his own teammates wrecked Cummings’ knee in the spring, the Cowboys don’t have to worry about him Saturday. I don’t think it would have mattered anyway. In the last two meetings down in T. Boone’s house, the Cowboys have absolutely bludgeoned the Jayhawks. I don’t think the Cowboys are as good as their #14 ranking. I think the Jayhawks are ever so slowly improving, but they have miles to go before weeding the losing out of their system. The competitive score line scrolling across the bottom of everyone’s TV screens at the end of the first quarter may raise some eyebrows, but the Cowboys should be able to pull away for good midway through the second. Cowboys 45, Kansas 17.

misterbrain: The joke is on NineToes, as he didn’t realized I spiked the kool-aid with that liter of Crown that we got from Cowboys Ride for Free.  Oklahoma State seems to like to keep the game close, probably so they can practice and get confidence in close games for when they really need it.  While Kansas is going to try and make it as close as possible, I ultimately think OSU has too much on defense to allow the Jayhawks to get anything going consistently throughout the entire game.  It’s close at half, but the Cowboys pull away. Oklahoma State 41, Kansas 20.

So who has it wrong? Did NineToes have too much to drink, or did the rest of us not have enough?