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Games to (Not) Watch in Week 8 of College Football

Each Thursday, we’ll bring you some key matchups from around the country, so you can plan your weekend accordingly. This weekend, we mock those games.

Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Alright, since all the matchups are laughable this week, we’re going to change it up a little bit. We at the "Games to Watch" headquarters would rather point you towards some sweet soccer games taking place over the weekend, but since that practice has been outlawed, we’re instead going to mock the matchups on this week’s college football slate. Let’s get to it.

#22 Temple at East Carolina

Whoa, slow down. Let’s not get too excited too fast. And, no, that isn’t a typo. Temple is in fact ranked. They’re undefeated and have recently plowed over perennial powers Tulane, Charlotte, and UMass. I had to actually look up which conference Temple is likely to win, and that conference is the American. So watch out 7th place Big 12 team, you’re likely playing Temple in the bowl! If you have nothing better to do on a Thursday night than watch American conference football, you can find this gem on ESPN2 at 6:00 CT.  Catch the fever!

#18 Memphis at Tulsa

Wait, there’s more American Conference action taking place on Friday night? Memphis is undefeated and might challenge conference power Temple for the crown and an insight bowl appearance? This is the perfect game for this mocking of terrible games because I know nothing about either of these teams except that Memphis beat Kansas and if they keep winning, it makes KU look better. Go Tigers! This game can be seen on ESPN at 7:00 CT on Friday.

#22 Pittsburgh at Syracuse

Just when you thought that the best games of the weekend were being played in the American Conference, here comes this classic Big East matchup, but it comes with a twist. It’s being played in the ACC now for some reason. Apparently these two teams still participate in football but since this game won’t feature Donovan McNabb or Dan Marino, I’m not that interested. But if you’re addicted to football and are watching this instead of meaningful European soccer, tune to ESPNU at 11:00 AM CT.

Kansas State at Texas

I’m just going to go with simple math here, but K-State lost to Oklahoma 55-0 and Texas beat Oklahoma 24-17, so this is destined to be a 62-point Longhorn win. I can’t wait to see the letter that Bill Snyder has to write to the K-State fan base after that kind of debacle. It’s one thing to lose by 55 to a good OU team, but losing by more than 60 to a team that doesn’t know how to snap or punt or kick an extra point? Hilarious. Watch it at 11:00 AM CT on Fox Sports One.

#23 Duke at Virginia Tech

This game was destined to make it into any kind of "most pointless of the weekend" scenario. College football has reached its apex of pathetic-ness as Duke has now been a consistently ranked football team for several years. Laughable. But don’t worry, this game is such a farce that three win Virginia Tech is favored to top the recently ranked Dukies. This game is now what constitutes a "big game" as it is being aired at the desired 2:30 CT spot. Wait, maybe not. It’s on ESPNU.

#1 Ohio State at Rutgers

I was just recently reminded that Rutgers was a member of the Big Ten when they played KU. Before that, I had to be reminded that Rutgers existed. If I had to name the most pointless and irrelevant school in a power five conference, Rutgers would top the list. They’re so useless that Memphis and Temple have far more caché. But since they have the New York TV market covered (note: they don’t), this game will be on at 7:00 PM CT on ABC.