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Rock Chalk Pick'em Week 5: Will Indiana upset Ohio State?

Once again, our group puts on their "expert prognosticator" hats to pick some of the action this weekend.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Last week saw our only real laggard pull back to the pack, as Grad went 13-2 and made up a lot of ground.  Unfortunately, it still puts him above only one other picker for the season, but at least he is within striking distance now.

This week sees a lot of ranked matchups, so we are pretty likely to have tough picks to make.  Let's see what the slate looks like.

Game Time TV Away Team Home Team Spread (Home) misterbrain mikeville Winmore David
Fri 9:15 PM ESPN 2 Connecticut Brigham Young -18.0 BYU BYU BYU
Sat 11:00 AM SECN South Carolina Missouri -3.5 Missouri Missouruh Missouri
Sat 11:00 AM FS1 23 West Virginia 15 Oklahoma -7.0 Oklahoma West Virginia Oklahoma
Sat 11:00 AM ABC Texas 4 TCU -15.0 TCU TCU TCU
Sat 11:00 AM BTN Minnesota 16 Northwestern -4.0 Northwestern Northwestern Northwestern
Sat 11:00 AM ESPN Iowa 19 Wisconsin -7.0 Wisconsin Iowa Wisconsin
Sat 2:30 PM ABC/ESPN2 Texas Tech 5 Baylor -17.0 Baylor Baylor Baylor
Sat 2:30 PM BTN Nebraska Illinois +7.0 Nebraska Nebraska Nebraska
Sat 2:30 PM ABC/ESPN2 1 Ohio State Indiana +21.0 Ohio State Ohio State Ohio State
Sat 2:30 PM CBS 13 Alabama 8 Georgia -2.5 Georgia Georgia Georgia
Sat 3:00 PM FS1 Kansas State 20 Oklahoma State -8.0 Oklahoma State Oklahoma State Kansas State
Sat 6:00 PM ESPN 3 Mississippi 25 Florida +7.5 Florida Mississippi Mississippi
Sat 6:30 PM SECN 21 Mississippi State 14 Texas A&M +3.5 Texas A&M Mississippi State Texas A&M
Sat 7:00 PM ABC 6 Notre Dame 12 Clemson EVEN Notre Dame Notre Dame Clemson
Sat 9:30 PM PAC12 Arizona 18 Stanford NONE Arizona Stanford Stanford
Last Week 10-5 11-4 9-6 9-6
Season Total 43-17 (72%) 45-15 (75%) 44-16 (73%) 42-18 (70%)

Away Team Home Team "Brad" Grad Fizzle NineToesBlogging dnoll5
Connecticut Brigham Young BYU BYU BYU BYU BYU
South Carolina Missouri South Carolina South Carolina South Carolina South Carolina Missouri
23 West Virginia 15 Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma
Minnesota 16 Northwestern Northwestern Northwestern Minnesota Northwestern Northwestern
Iowa 19 Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin
Texas Tech 5 Baylor Baylor Baylor Baylor Baylor Baylor
Nebraska Illinois Nebraska Nebraska Illinois Nebraska Nebraska
1 Ohio State Indiana Ohio State Ohio State Ohio State Ohio State Ohio State
13 Alabama 8 Georgia Alabama Alabama Georgia Alabama Georgia
Kansas State 20 Oklahoma State Kansas State Oklahoma State Oklahoma State Oklahoma State Okla State
3 Mississippi 25 Florida Mississippi Mississippi Mississippi Mississippi Mississippi
21 Mississippi State 14 Texas A&M Mississippi State Texas A&M Texas A&M Texas A&M Texas A&M
6 Notre Dame 12 Clemson Clemson Notre Dame Norte Dame Clemson Clemson
Arizona 18 Stanford Arizona Stanford Arizona Stanford Stanford
Last Week 9-6 13-2 12-3 8-7 11-4
Season Total 42-18 (70%) 41-19 (68%) 45-15 (75%) 30-15 (67%) 32-13 (71%)

As of publish time, Winmore didn't have his picks in.  If he gets the others in tonight, I'll add them in, and we'll spot him BYU in tonight's game if he does.

Thanks to mikeville, who provided the game capsules for this week.

UConn @ BYU
After barely winning their first two games over Villanova and Army, the Huskies are coming off very uninspiring defeats at Missouri and against Navy, although they actually probably should have been victorious in Columbia. A road trip to BYU is not going to go well for them, as the Cougars will be looking to show that last week's debacle in The Big House was a fluke. Look for BYU and freshman QB phenom Tanner Mangum to roll. BYU 38, UConn 10.

South Carolina @ Missouri
Both teams will be starting a freshman QB. Both teams have losses to Kentucky on their 2015 records. Missouruh fans are excited for the Drew Lock era to begin in earnest. The Gamecocks have struggled at home and on the road. I hate Missouruh as much as any other red-blooded American who loves his country and family, but South Carolina just isn't any good this year. Missouruh 21, South Carolina 7

23 West Virginia @ 15 Oklahoma
Both of these teams can make the case that they're the best of the Big 12 right now. OU probably has the most impressive win (@Tenn), while WVU has only given up 23 points total on the year so far. Travelling across country for a morning kickoff probably doesn't work well, but I think the ‘Eers have the horses on defense to keep this one close while the offense collects their wits. West Virginia 31, Oklahoma 30.

Texas @ 4 TCU
Lol. Well now that TCU will be playing 19 against 11, I'd say they have a pretty big edge, don't you agree? Jerrod Heard has been up and down, and TCU is a decimated defense right now. But Texas just can't keep up with that offense. Boykin and the boys want to make a statement against the bully and go nuts - TCU 59, Texas 31.

Minnesota @ 16 Northwestern
The Golden Gophers have rebounded from their season-opening loss to TCU to knock off a rather impressive list that includes Colorado State, Kent State, and Ohio, all by three points. Uh, yeah. Northwestern, for their part, is getting it done on defense; no one has scored more than 20 points on the Wildcats to this point. I say Minnesota can't do it either: Northwestern 20, Minnesota 13.

Iowa @ 19 Wisconsin
Iowa is a surprising(?) 4-0 with wins over Illinois State, Iowa State, Pitt, and a demolishing of North Texas. Wisconsin has rebounded with stout defense since their season-opening loss against Alabama, only allowing a grand total of 3 points combined to Miami (OH), Troy, and Hawaii. Iowa seems to be clutch this year, and I'm not sold on Wisconsin's offense. Iowa 16, Wisconsin 10.

Texas Tech @ 5 Baylor
So, the Over/Under on this game is what, 90 probably? Sounds about right. I don't think Baylor's defense is as bad as some people do I guess. I'm thinking they'll get a few more stops on Tech than TCU did, but that Tech won't be able to stop the Bear offense. Baylor 56, Texas Tech 35.

Nebraska @ Illinois
Oh, I didn't realize the Who Cares Bowl of Also-Ran Big 10 teams was this weekend. Awesome. Nebraska... uh... well they've scored a lot, but they've also given up a ton of points on their way to a 2-2 start. Illinois is 3-1 (I guess that puts the "are we in worse shape than Kansas" argument to bed), with the one loss a beatdown from the hand of North Carolina. Last week, the Illini had to come from behind to beat Middle Tennessee. I think the Huskers come in and run Illinois off the field. Nebraska 38, Illinois 27.

1 Ohio State @ Indiana
Indiana is a surprising 4-0(!) after going on the road and knocking off Wake Forest last week. Ohio State, for their part, has been sluggish in their last two games, victories over Northern Illinois and Western Michigan. I think Indiana rides some confidence and emotion through until halftime to keep the game close, but that Ohio State gets it together and pulls away. Ohio State 45, Indiana 21.

13 Alabama @ 8 Georgia
Alabama took out some frustration on UL Monroe last weekend, shutting out the RedHawks. Georgia, meanwhile, has pasted everyone they've played on their way out to a 4-0 start. They'll be stoked for a bigtime home matchup with the vaunted Fighting Sabans. But Alabama is losing their iron grip on the SEC: Georgia 38, Alabama 24

Kansas State @ 20 Oklahoma State
K-State is coming off a bye week and hasn't scored less than 30 points in any of their three games this year. Oklahoma State has looked sluggish at times, but has an opportunistic defense and snuck out of Austin with a win last weekend. Look for the old white wizard to scheme his way to a close game, but I think the Cowboys have bigger goals to accomplish this year: Oklahoma State 28, K-State 23.

3 Mississippi @ 25 Florida
This Ole Miss offense is scary - they've scored over 70 points twice this year and put up 43 on Alabama. Last week, though, they barely made it past Vanderbilt. Maybe they were looking ahead to Florida, who is 4-0, but needed some heroics to knock off Tennessee a home after barely escaping Lexington with a win over Kentucky. I say the Gators can't stop the Rebels: Ole Miss 49, Florida 28

21 Mississippi State @ 14 Texas A&M
The Bulldogs are the only team to really give LSU a game so far this year, while the Aggies are 4-0 after getting past Arkansas in overtime last week. For some reason, I'm not a believer in A&M this year. Dak Prescott gets back into the Heisman conversation after this one: Miss St 34, Texas A&M 27

6 Notre Dame @ 12 Clemson
Notre Dame is getting settled into this season after the injury to Malik Zaire, and is off to a rousing 4-0 start. Clemson, at 3-0, hasn't played anybody of note outside of a crummy Louisville team, whom they barely beat. Clemson is coming off a bye, and will be hyped for the ABC Prime Time affair in what is supposed to be an absolute monsoon.  Clemson, however, is one of those teams that gets lots of preseason hype, then somewhere during the season lays a turd.  The Irish aren't turds, but Clemson gets pretty embarrassed at home.  Notre Dame 35, Clemson 21

Arizona @ 18 Stanford
Eesh, Arizona got pounded by UCLA last week. Stanford has bounced back nicely after a season-opening loss to Northwestern. Both teams come in 3-1. The Cardinal offense has been on fire since that first game, and Arizona sure does like to give up lots of points: Stanford 44, Arizona 34

What about you, who do you have?  Feel free to use this as an open thread for the Uconn-BYU game.