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Texas Tech: The View from Section 5

The following are the notes that I took during the game. Think of it as live-tweeting, though some comments are longer than 140 characters.

Kyle Rivas/Getty Images


Got up at 7:30.

It's cold outside.

Would like to leave at 8.

Got everything packed, finally left at 8:20.

Stopped for ice at QT in east Lawrence.

Set up the tailgate by 9:15.

Jim Hammen showed up right away.

Fire up the grill, I'm hungry and havin' hot dogs for breakfast.

The people next to us want to know where the eggs and sausage are.

Hot dogs are kinda like a sausage, right?

Jim's wife just arrived.

She's a beer girl.  Awesome.

So I'm telling this story to Jim about going to a KU basketball game and losing the tickets - they fell out of my pocket when walking up to the Fieldhouse.

Mrs. mikeville realizes that neither of us picked up the tickets off the table at home.

This is no longer "The View from Section 5."

It is now "The View from Potter Lake."

Guess the tailgate is gonna last longer.

Gimme some more of that kool-aid.

Some people from my office showed up for a hot dog.  Got plenty.

Lesson learned - no more 11 AM tailgates for a crummy football team.

First Half

The four of us are having a good time.


Enjoying Bob Davis and David Lawrence complain about the officiating.

Sounds like the Jayhawks are really playing well defensively.

Also sounds like the special teams needs a LOT of help.

Texas Tech used a weird conversion play, which now that it's on film, they probably won't be able to use the rest of the year.

Down 20-0 at half... I thought Tech's defense wasn't good?


The people next to us came up out of the stadium to cook some burgers real quick for lunch.

They're trying to use plastic forks to flip their burgers... LoL.  I'll let them borrow one of our utensils.

They're going back to the game... cool.  I'm guessing there's not gonna be many returning with them.

Second Half

KU scores!  And... misses the PAT.


Good grief.

Still enjoying kool aid and beer with Jim and Mrs. Jim.

Mrs. mikeville is having a good time as well.

"If we're not going to try to get into the game, I'm gonna need another beer" she says.

Atta girl.

This game is getting closer.

It's 23-20.  If KU gets the ball back, we're going over to the hill to watch the end.

Throw everything in the car, don't care where, everyone grab a couple beers, let's go!

Got a good spot.

Wife found one of those pocket warmer packets on the ground.  It's still hot... she's pretty stoked.

Pick six.

Of course.

30-20 now.  Still four minutes left, but most likely this is over.


How many points did special teams leave on the field?

Ten at least, right?

Probably should have gone for it on 4th and goal from the 4 yard line, whenever that was.

Almost time for the Royals game.  Gonna meet some friends at Harbor Lights on Mass St.

Jim and Mrs. Jim have been invited as well, and they have accepted.

Royals Game

At Harbor Lights, Royals getting ready to bat in the bottom of the first.

Why do I want to keep calling this place Harbor Freight?

Isn't that a tool store or something?

Anyway, our friends have now arrived.

Jim and wife have arrived as well, it's officially a party.

Jays scratch out a run... boo...

Jays up 2-0 now... get Ventura out of there!

Oh good Hochevar is in.

Yes that was sarcasm.

Lol of course Hochevar gets out of it.  Ned Yost is the luckiest man in the world.

Bottom of the 7th - Zobrist gets on after the Blue Jays miscommunicate on defense.

My friend (whom I play softball with) and I look at each other knowingly - this is how rallies start.

Death by a thousand cuts again by the Royals offense.

Royals lead 5-3 and I bet even the Blue Jays know it's pretty much over.

Time for some Pyramid pizza and Bonez.

Love the Bonez.

Royals win!

Friends are outtie.

Jim and wife are outtie.

We're outtie.

‘Twas a great day.

Home safe, let's see how RCT did today.

Oh good there's no recap up yet on RCT.  Guess I'll do that real quick.

Plus only 34 comments on the OGT.

Guess everyone was busy today.

That's OK, I understand.

The pocket warmer is still hot.  Craziness.

Until next time...