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KU Predictions: Texas Tech

Give us your prediction for the game this weekend, and revel in the doom and gloom of our writing staff.

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So last week was about as painful as we all imagined it would be (although I failed to account for the fact that Baylor would sit their starters in the second half).  This week has pretty much the same potential, as Texas Tech has an offense about as potent.  How bad will our loss be this week?  Give us a score prediction below and then see what our writing staff says.

David: Tech has one of the most efficient, most explosive offenses not just in the Big 12, but the entire country. Kansas' defense seemed to play some of their best football of the year against Baylor, yet still could have given up 100 points. Tech's defense is highly suspect as well, but there's no way Kansas scores enough points to hang with the Red Raiders. Texas Tech 77, Kansas 20

KU Grad 08: Despite losing 66-7, KU showed a few signs of growth last weekend. For starters, Ryan Willis looked pretty good and may be KU’s quarterback for the next three years. As Willis gets more comfortable, the offense should improve and may find a way to score some points against a Tech defense that isn’t very good. Having said that, if I’m going to call Tech’s defense "not very good" I may as well call ours "the worst of all time." Texas Tech 69, Kansas 17.

mikeville: I can’t disagree with anything these guys have said yet.  So, what I’m gonna need you all to do is stop by the RCT tailgate and have a hot dog and a beer.  Yeah I know it’s before noon, but come on, relive your college days and have beer for breakfast. Texas Tech 66, Kansas 21

dnoll5: I think KU will score a few touchdowns this weekend.  I think Texas Tech will score lots of touchdowns this weekend. Texas Tech 63, Kansas 21

NineToesBlogging: Offense is the name of the game in the Big 12 and Texas Tech has taken that idea and ran with it....or thrown with it? Anyway, Ryan Willis very well could be the silver lining this season but there just isn't enough talent on this team to really compete. Texas Tech 49, Kansas 14.

Fizzle406: another week, another blow out. I seem to remember a few people on here pegging this as a game we could win before the season started. Lol. Tech is much better of a team than I expected and it will be on display today. Texas tech 62, Kansas 12

misterbrain: I’m already on record here, and nothing has changed since this morning to make me think that we have any shot to keep this close.  Texas Tech’s offense is as good as we thought, and the defense is as questionable as we thought.  But our offense is terrible, and the defense is much worse than we expected, so we won’t be able to hang with them. Texas Tech 70, Kansas 10.