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Games to Watch in Week 7 of College Football

Each Thursday, we give you some must-see games in college football.

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Well, we’re back to plenty of tasty top 25 matchups this weekend, so Mikeville can rest assured that the comments section won’t be overloaded with soccer talk this week.  Let’s get to the best games of the (extended) weekend.

#18 UCLA at #15 Stanford

Not that anyone will be watching this game because of its absurd start time on a Thursday, but this is one of the better games of a pretty packed college football weekend. UCLA freshman quarterback Josh Rosen is as exciting a prospect at QB as we’ve seen in a long time, so tuning in to see him would be reason enough.  The fact that this game has Pac-12 title game implications is the obvious other.  Tune in tonight at 9:30 PM CT on ESPN to watch.

#10 Alabama at #9 Texas A&M

It’s a good old-fashioned elimination game (maybe) in the SEC West.  Well, it probably is for Alabama at least, seeing as a loss in College Station would be their second and TAMU and LSU will be ahead of them in the standings.  Of course, if ‘Bama wins, it’s a whole new ballgame in that division.  The game starts at 2:30 PM CT on CBS.

#7 Michigan State at #12 Michigan

Before the season started, who would have thought that this game would matter? And this game could even be better than previously thought, especially if Michigan is ahead of pace and Michigan State is slumping (Rutgers game anyone?).  Either way, big time football is back at the Big House.  It starts 2:30 PM CT and is televised on ESPN.

#8 Florida at #6 LSU

More SEC action. Florida will virtually wrap up the weak SEC East if they manage to go into Baton Rouge and pull out a win.  It will end Missouri’s mediocre run of domination in that division and for that we can all be thankful.  But LSU has enough motivation of its own because if the chips fall properly, they can have a complete game lead or more on everyone in their division. Kickoff is 6:00 PM CT on ESPN.

USC at #14 Notre Dame

It’s been quite the week in SoCal, but despite all of that USC is only a one touchdown underdog to the Fighting Irish.  Hmmmm.  This game is as traditional as it gets, so plenty will be tuning in for that reason alone, but I’m more interested in seeing how USC responds to losing their coach.  Watch it at 6:30 PM CT on NBC.