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Rock Chalk Talk Tailgate: Part Deux

I've got leftover hotdogs, and someone needs to eat them...

Hot dogs and beer before 11 AM?


I need y'all's help.  I've got lots of beer, and lots of (now frozen) hot dogs.  Hopefully some of y'all can stop by and help me out with these hot dogs.  You'll have to get your own tickets this time, but I do have a parking pass available for the first person who claims it in the comments below.

Once again, I'll have:

Hot dogs (not sandwiches)







How to find me

This time, we'll be up in Lot 36/39, which is Memorial Drive.  I'll try to get as close to the Campanile as possible.  Look for the signs!  I will once again wear the Bill Whittemore #4 jersey (pictured above).

In case the location changes, I will let you know in the comments section of this article and in Saturday's News and Notes.

Come up and say hi, grab a dog, grab a beer, let's have some fun.