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K-Uniform Review: Baylor

What did the Kansas football team wear in their game this past weekend? We examine the good, the bad, and the ugly in the game against Baylor.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas has sported some weirdo looks over the past few years, most of which included too much red or the oddball addition of black for some reason, so I really shouldn’t complain about the look that KU went with in their loss to Baylor. But it just didn’t look good.

What went wrong? Pretty much everything. As I’ve done for the last four games, I will again applaud the Jayhawks for sticking with a base of blue and white, but this particular combination just gets it all wrong.

For the opening game of the season, I surprisingly liked the mono-blue look. I didn’t want to, but I did. It turns out that when you remove the blue helmet, the look falls apart completely. I’ve been on record as loving the white helmet, and I still do, but pairing it up with blue from the neck down is a mistake. It looks out of place, like a component to the uniform that was just thrown in there to look different. I’m not a fan, but at least we look like KU. When you watch an afternoon of college football, sometimes it’s hard to decipher which team is which because of the millions of new uniform combinations that are unveiled each weekend. I’m proud to say that through five games, we’ve always dressed like Kansas.

But we could look even more like Kansas, especially at home. Perhaps my ideas are different than those of the KU higher-ups who decide what the Hawks will wear on a weekly basis, but I’m optimistic that we will see the best combinations (Blue/Blue/White and Blue/Blue/Grey) in two of the four remaining home games. In future games, I could also see them keeping the top two elements of Saturday’s game and adding the grey pants (I hope not) and/or unveiling a whacky one off uniform in the near future (I hope not even more). A red element is also a possibility when KU takes on K-State if the past is any indication. We will see.

Obviously, the best feature of this get-up was the addition of the "Angry Jayhawk" on both sides of the helmet. This is the first time it has appeared on a KU helmet this season and it got the chrome treatment just like everything else on the KU helmets these days.

One element of this design set that is more aesthetically pleasing than I thought it would be is the blue pants...just not in combination with the blue jerseys. Maybe I’m nitpicking too much, but those blue pants would look much better on the road. I’m imagining this look with the blue jersey swapped out in favor of the white jersey and I think it would look fantastic. Let’s hope they pull that off in the coming weeks when the Jayhawks take to the road.