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KU Predictions: Baylor Bears

Our writing staff gets together to paint the picture of doom in advance of today's sacrifice to the football gods. Plus, you get to show just how pessimistic you can be.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

I’m pretty sure every single Kansas fan knows that it is coming: a beat down of awe-inspiring proportion.  But just how bad will it be?  Take a minute and tell us what you think the score will be, and then read below to see just how many of us had to talk ourselves off the ledge in order to be able plan to watch the game today.

Winmore: A thousand yards of total offense and 100 points… for the Bears? The only thing stopping this Baylor squad will be Art Briles’ conscience. ‘Hawk fans remember when we could count on the Baylor game as one of our few wins in the conference? My how things have changed. Baylor 77 - Kansas 3

David: Baylor is certainly good enough to win this game by 100, but we've seen the top teams in the Big 12 come into Lawrence to play bad Kansas teams and lay an egg before. Now, this Kansas team is so bad that even Baylor's eggs will win easily, but I'm not buying into the idea that they'll be up 70-0 at the half or anything. Kansas will make a stop or two early, and make Baylor work just a tiny bit before the floodgates open. Then, Baylor's talent takes over and they roll to victory. Baylor 63, Kansas 20

mikeville: The best quote I’ve seen all week came from a comment over at Our Daily Bears.  They were talking about the same things we’re talking about - how many points will Baylor score, will a big win over KU impress the playoff committee, well one year KU almost beat RG3, etc.  Then they got to talking about how Briles and Beaty are friendly, and Briles has no reason to intentionally run up the score.  Then someone says something to the effect of, "Briles will start pumping the brakes early in the second quarter but will think his brake lines have been cut."  I think that pretty much describes the KU defense.  Now I’m not sure how much I trust Briles to not run up the score, particularly in this day and age of playoff committees and what happened last year.  Also consider the fact that with the traveling squad, Baylor probably won’t have very many walk-ons to put into the game. Will we see any mercy kneels on Saturday? Seems doubtful. Baylor 91, Kansas 13

Fizzle406: lol Baylor 87, Kansas 6

KU Grad 08: I’m excited to see Willis play. Baylor 84, Kansas 12

cstonehoops: I don’t often wade into these fancy football conversations, but because I expect Baylor to put up a basketball score, I thought I’d drop in. Baylor 77, Kansas 21

dnoll5: Does this game require analysis? Nope.  So, I’ll use this space to predict what uniform combo Kansas will wear.  I’ll go with the best combo available: Blue helmet/Blue jersey/White pants. Baylor 80, Kansas 10.

NineToesBlogging: Baylor pretty much plays backyard football. 4 plays to cross the 50 followed by 4 plays to get in the end zone. Baylor's defense isn't very good. Unfortunately the Jayhawks don't have an offense capable of dictating a tempo on that side of the ball. Not that it would matter much. Baylor needs all of 4 seconds to really score. This is the true example of bigger. Faster. Stronger. Baylor flirts with 80 points scored. Baylor 77, Kansas 17.

misterbrain: Everyone wants to, but no one actually has the balls to do it.  I’m saying that Baylor hits the century mark, not because they try to run up the score, but just because we don’t figure out a way to make them punt the ball or take more than two plays to score on any particular drive. Baylor 105, Kansas 7.

How bad do you see it getting?  We can see the aggregate up above, but let us know how bad you think it will be individually down below in the comments too.