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KU Predictions: Kansas State

Our writing team gets together to predict the outcome of today's game.

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So last week we talked about how Texas was likely our biggest basketball rival.  However, based on the comments you are about to see below, Kansas State still squarely fills that role for us.

Ivan Portillo: Even if I wanted to, or even if I thought it was going to happen, I'm not going to pick K-State over KU. Especially not at the Fieldhouse, I just can't. Luckily, the Wildcats aren't very good this year so there's no need to lie in my prediction. Seriously, who's their point guard right now? I'm going with Kansas 75, Kansas State 66.

I was more worried about the TCU game than this one. Kansas State doesn't have the athletes to come into AFH and win. KSU will try to slow the game down and muck it up, so the scoring may be low, but I still don't think the Wildcats score enough points to put Kansas on upset alert. Kansas 68, Kansas State 58

After watching KSU/WVU, it wouldn't really bother me if Bill Self decided to use the press against K-State in spurts, at least giving a little pressure on the baseline after a made basket. The Wildcats were awful in that aspect of the game and kept throwing the ball to West Virginia. Anyhow, I also believe that Self will have his guys properly motivated after their showing in Fort Worth, so I see no reason to really worry about this one. Kansas 75, K-State 59.

Ivan pretty much nailed it I think (except in my opinion, his final score differential isn't high enough, as you'll see). I can only name three players on K-State's team, and one of them is out with an injury. I've thought all year that KSU isn't very good, and they proved me right in games against teams like Long Beach State, Texas Southern, and Georgia. Also, as per what dnoll mentioned, the guys are going to be fired up after the near-debacle at TCU. The Wildcats might hang around for five, eight, or even ten minutes, but I would expect KU to put this game away in the first. And unlike Utah or Oklahoma, look for the Jayhawks to keep their heel on KState's throat - because that's what you do to your rival whenever you have the chance. How's this for some optimism, misterbrain? Kansas 90, KSU 55.

University of Kansas Graduate 2008:
I don't think this one will be very close. KU always plays hard against KState, and we will be extra motivated after the way the TCU game ended. I think KU will hit some threes, force KState into some bad shots, and get out and run a bit off the long rebounds. KState's pace and muckyness will be enough to keep the game somewhat close, but I don't think we will be threatened. Kansas 74, ksu (oh look I lowercased their name I'm such a badass take that k-state oh look I did it again) 58.

Jim Hammen:
K-State shocked the Jayhawks in the Fieldhouse in 2006, and they have been handled easily or completely blown out every year since. Kansas has won every home game since by at least 14 points, with many of them by more than 20. I expect that trend to continue. Kansas 84, Kansas State 62.

This will be fun. We all know who is going to win. The real question is how many bench reaction gifs we will see and how many points Christian Garrett will score. Kansas 82, Poop State 69, Bench Gifs 1, Christian Garrett Points 0.

misterbrain: Kenpom told me not to worry about this game, so I won't.  As stated before, today's opponent doesn't have a point guard, and having Nino Williams out means they are lacking inside as well.  The Kansas defense will be too much, and Kansas rolls.  I even think Christian Garrett might get another chance to score. Kansas 84, State 62.