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Kansas To Wear "Heritage Classic" Uniform

Let's dive into some of the sweet details of these 1988 throwbacks.

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

Adidas is really doing the KU basketball program proud these days.  I've already discussed the great looking threads that make up KU's primary home and away jerseys, and we all know how awesome the faux-backs look, so let's take a closer look at the Jayhawks' fifth uniform for 2015.

Adidas likes the idea of honoring the past as they have already rolled out some nice looking duds for Louisville to honor their title teams of the early 1980's, so honoring Kansas seems like a logical (should've been the first) choice as well.  And when you have uniforms that are as hot as the ones Danny and the Miracles wore in 1988, why not?

We've been down this road before with KU throwing back to the 1988 championship team twice recently.  KU wore white throwback jerseys in February 2013 and donned the championship blue jerseys in 2008. Those uniforms were true throwbacks that tried to mimic the originals.  These take some liberties with the original design and are meant as tributes to the team and the uniform.

For one, the trim is completely different. With a gold trim that is independent of the red and blue, this has everything to do with the template that Adidas is using.  If you look at that picture of the Louisville set, you'll see the exact same pattern around the neck, around the arms, and on the "cuffs" of the shorts.  I'm not sure if Adidas is using gold to signify the championship(s) of the schools that are receiving the "Heritage Classic" uniforms, but it looks like a good bet, and I'm fine with that.

Another small detail that you'd only know about if Adidas told you or if you dropped the cash to buy one, is the wording of "NCAA Champs 1988" that appears on the inside of the collar.  It's a nice addition, but one you'll never see on the court when these make their debut on February 28 against Texas.

As for the most important detail, the font, these uniforms hit the nail on the head.  The circus font across the chest looks great, as does the "K" on the shorts.  The numbers look great as well.  There is nothing to really complain about with this uniform.  Kansas fans will love it.

Grade: A

My only question is why Adidas didn't make a retro looking warm-up jacket.  People would buy those, right?