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KU Basketball Rap Songs You Never Heard

You've heard the Frank Mason song by now, but I bet you haven't heard these "classics"....

John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

The Redhead song "Frank Mason", released last year, when Mason was simply a freshman backup point guard, has been tearing up the interwebs again lately, to the delight of some, and the chagrin of others.  I am in the 'delighted' camp, without a doubt.  Any song that features the phrase "B*tch, I'm Frank Mason", and repeats it over and over again, is a solid song in my book.

Just a heads up, this video is NSFW, unless you happen to W at Death Row Records, or you have a really abusive work environment, in which case I'm sorry to hear about that.

Little known fact (little-known because it isn't true): this is far from the first time a Jayhawk has been the artist or subject of a hip-hop song.  They all stayed under 'raps' (see what I did there) and were never released to the public, but there have actually been quite a few of them....

"B*tch, I'm Lester Earl" (f. Terry Nooner)

"B*tch, I'm Terry Nooner" (f. Lester Earl)

"B*tch, I'm Marcus Morris.  Wait, Wait, Nah, Just Playin'.  HE'S Marcus Morris, I'm Markieff"

"Excuse Me Ma'am, I'm Nick Collison"

"Uh uh uh, B*tch, I'm Bill Self, uh uh Without Question, This is Probably the Toughest Rap Song We've Had Since We've Been Here"

"B*tch, I'm Luke Axtell" (acoustic version from Axtell Unplugged)

"Nah Girl, I Was Kidding Again, B*tch I Really Am Marcus Morris, Just a Little Joke We Like to Play Sometimes"

"Dadgummit, I'm Roy Williams"

"B*tch, I'm Carl Henry, Meet My Son CJ, He's Better Than Both Sherron Collins and Tyshawn Taylor, and You Know What?  If Xavier Doesn't Want to Practice With the Team This Summer He Doesn't Have to, Maybe He'll Just Go Play in Europe Instead of Coming to Kansas, Oh Yeah and Another Thing--" (extended club mix)

"Is This Thing On?"  - Max Falkenstien