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Kansas Hires Former TCU Coach Kenny Perry as Co Defensive Coordinator

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

David Beaty's staff is now complete with the addition of Kenny Perry. Perry comes from TCU, where he served as cornerbacks coach.

Perry worked as cornerbacks coach with TCU, and the step up in both responsibility and likely pay (although i could not find his salary and it is not subject to a FOIA request) helped convince him to move to Kansas.

TCU SBN site Frogs o War had the following to say about Perry:

So certainly it seems like Beaty is making a good hire here. I also think it's worth pointing out that, while TCU is no doubt easier to recruit to than KU, it's a bit different making his name as a recruiter to TCU (and Houston before that) than an LSU or Oklahoma.

I also think Perry's addition will help Clint Bowen. Perry doesn't have any coordinator experience, but he is another person to bounce ideas off, and in general I tend to prefer the wisdom of the crowd vs just one person making a call.

With Perry and Beaty's recruiting ties in Texas, Kansas should, if all goes well, be able to build the backbone of the team from Kansas players and Texas players, and perhaps most encouraging, this is the latest sign that Beaty actually has a plan, and one he is executing.

Like Beaty, Perry is a former Texas high school coach, and he has 22 years of coaching experience behind him.