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KU Predictions: Texas Tech

Our writing staff gets together to predict the outcome of today's game.

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

While there doesn't seem to be any doubt about who we expect to win the game today, there is a wide range of expected margins of victory.  We'll get right to it.

PenHawk: Texas Tech is definitively the worst team in the Big 12, and there's no way they put up any real fight in Allen Fieldhouse. I'm sure we'll see Kansas go through one of their trademark scoring droughts (Tech does play halfway respectable-ish defense), so I'm not looking for an 80 point explosion, but it shouldn't be close. Kansas 74, Texas Tech 56

KU Grad 08: I don't think KU will run away with this one like many KU fans think/hope. I do think we'll get a few spurts throughout the game that will keep Tech at bay. How well KU shoots from deep will be the difference between a blowout and a ho-hum win. I'm leaning a little more towards the latter. Kansas 69, Texas Tech 56.

I think Texas Tech is the weakest team in the Big 12 and KU should win by a nice margin. In years past, I wouldn't worry about this game or what it may mean to the confidence of the players, but this year's team is obviously different from many of the teams in the past. So while I see a comfortable KU win, I also think there will be some moments where, at the very least, it leaves Bill Self (and Kansas fans) shaking his head. There's still work to do, but a convincing win while running the offense effectively and playing well defensively couldn't come at a better time. Kansas 76, Tech 55.

Jim Hammen:
It's time for a good old-fashioned blowout, filled with 3's, steals and dunks, and walk-ons playing in a conference game with three minutes left on the clock. We want one. You could even say we need one for our confidence-- and I'm speaking for the fans as much as the players and coaching staff. Texas Tech is coming to town at just the right time. Kansas 82, Texas Tech 59.

Ivan Portillo:
After an ugly win at Baylor, look for the easiest win of the year so far for KU. The combination of unfavorable matchups and the Allen Fieldhouse will be too much for Texas Tech to handle. I'm excited for this one. Kansas 77-60.

I'd like to see Mason get some good rest this game. Let's kill them in the first half and give the starters some rest and bench warmers some reps. This will have to be the game Christian Garrett gets his first points as a Jayhawk. Kansas 83, Tech 64

One of these days, KU has to have a convincing win, right? Granted, I've been expecting a win like that for a long time now. Either way, I don't expect the Jayhawks to struggle too much with the Red Raiders. I think this will be a game that instills some confidence in Selden, and I think that some of the big men will play well in this one too. KU starts the Big 12 season 2-0. Kansas 78, Texas Tech 62.

Two words: meat necklace. No, it's not senior day, but the Jayhawks are looking for a big win and this is a great time for one. I just don't see how the Raiders can compete. KU big, 88-58.

misterbrain: It's rumored that Cliff Alexander may not play, and I think this is the perfect game to let him rest up his back. Ideally this is the perfect game to let Landen Lucas and Hunter Mickelson run wild and hopefully build up some confidence, as I think there will be a large portion of the second half where the game is well out of reach. Texas Tech will probably make a late run, but it shouldn't really make that much of a difference. Kansas 75, Texas Tech 63