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College Football Saturday Open Thread: Week 2

A place for you to kick back, relax, and discuss the day's action with your fellow Jayhawk fans.

Otto Greule Jr

Hopefully this will tide you over until the main event tonight, when Montell Cozart goes for 300 yards passing, 300 yards rushing, and 8 TDs.  Our Open Game Thread should post at 5 PM CDT.

BTW, if you're going to the KU game this afternoon/evening, take some pics and send to myself or misterbrain for future consideration for publication on RCT.  What I mean is, send us your pics and we'll post them!!

Here is your schedule of Top-25 games for this weekend.  I also included a few "games of interest."  Games are listed in the order they are scheduled to start.

All times CENTRAL.

- Saturday -

11:00  AM  Florida Atlantic @ #2 Alabama

Following a 55-7 beatdown by Nebraska, FAU's second payday of the year should keep that entire athletic department going for quite a while.

11:00  AM  #4 Oklahoma @ Tulsa

11:00  AM  Western Illinois @ #18 Wisconsin

Mmmmm cheese.

11:00  AM  McNeese State @ #19 Nebraska

Nebraska is really running the gauntlet in non-con this year.

11:00  AM  #20 Kansas State @ Iowa State

I TOLD you it was funny when it wasn't happening to you.

11:00  AM  #24 Missouruh @ Toledo

Red rocket, Sparky, red rocket!!

11:30  AM  South Carolina State @ #23 Clemson

2:30    PM  #14 Southern Cal @ #13 Stanford

3:30    PM  #15 Ole Miss @ Vanderbilt

5:30    PM  #7 Michigan State @ #3 Oregon

Talk about your resume-building wins...

6:00    PM  San Jose State @ #5 Auburn

6:00    PM  #17 Arizona State @ New Mexico

6:00    PM  East Carolina @ #21 South Carolina

6:00    PM  Murray State @ #25 Louisville

If this was basketball then L'Ville might have a concern.

6:00    PM  Duke @ Troy

Troy got smoked by UAB in Week 1, so I would imagine Duke should roll.

6:30    PM  Citadel @ #1 Florida State

Okay, come on...

6:30    PM  Lamar @ #9 Texas A&M

I mean... seriously?

6:30    PM  Northwestern State @ #10 Baylor

Ugh.  Unwatchable I'm sure.

6:30    PM  Sam Houston State @ #12 LSU


6:30    PM  Michigan @ #16 Notre Dame

6:30    PM  BYU @ Texas

I still LOL @ last year's result.

7:00    PM  Virginia Tech @ #8 Ohio State

Could be interesting... but probably not.  We'll all be busy watching KU anyway, right?  RIGHT???

7:00    PM  San Diego State @ #21 North Carolina

9:00    PM  Memphis @ #11 UCLA