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SE Missouri St. - Offensive Preview

Can KU's defense take step forward against a SE Missoui State offense that is a bit of an unknown?

Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

Southeast Missouri State’s new Coach Tom Matukewicz brings in former Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College head coach Sherard Poteete to lead the offense. Per the school - "Prior to coaching at NEO, Poteete spent three years as offensive coordinator at Trinity Valley Community College in Athens, Texas. His leadership of the 2010 and 2011 offenses were integral in the Cardinals run to the 2011 Southwest Junior College Football Conference Regional Playoffs, 2011 Citizens Bank Bowl, 2010 SWJCFC Regional Playoffs and 2010 SWJCFC Championship game." With the coaching staff turnover I’m not sure what to expect from the Redhawks. This team has compiled 9 wins over the last three seasons behind a heavy run game and severe lack of a passing attack.

Last week, against the newly installed Missouri Baptist Spartans, the Redhawks rushed for 304 yards on 40 carries and passed for 212 yards on 14 attempts. The offense scored 10 touchdowns and only punted one time on the way to a 77-0 victory over the first year Spartans. The Redhawks were 7 for 7 on touchdowns in the redzone, enforcing their will over an inexperienced squad.

Who to watch

The Redhawks are led by RB DeMichael Jackson (Jr.) who tallied 148 all-purpose yards and 2 TD’s in last week’s victory. QB Kyle Snyder (Sr.) went 10-12 for 198 yards and 2 TD’s and added 2 rushing TD’s. As expected, the Redhawks went deep into their bench with 9 different players getting carries and 9 players catching at least one pass.

Goals for the Game

As noted in other previews, Southeast Missouri State presents a very winnable tune-up opponent for this Jayhawk squad. While we are all curious as to the abilities of the offense, I think the defense will dominate and hold the Redhawks to under 15 points. The following goals are presented as a way to evaluate the performance of this defense in a game that should be over by the 4th quarter. The stats will be determined by subtracting garbage time statistics which, for our purposes, will be "the point in the game at which even if the opponent had scored on all of its remaining possessions, converted every 2-point try, and successfully onside kicked, scored and converted once, it would still not have tied the football game". The following should be easily achievable if this defense takes the step forward we all hope it has:

Offensive efficiency

In 2013 KU allowed 5.8 yards/play on the season and 4.7 yards/play against FCS opponent South Dakota. I’m looking for this the defense to allow less that 4.2 yards/play before garbage time (210 yards on 50 plays, 252 yards on 60 plays, 294 yards on 70 plays). This goal could be more aggressive as I really think this squad is capable of less than 4.0 yards per play against the Redhawks.


I anticipate the defense to force at least 2 turnovers.

Redzone Efficiency

In 2013 KU allowed TD’s on 59.6% of redzone appearances. For this game I think they can get that down to under 40%.

I'll check back in next week to review the goals for SE Missouri State and preview the Duke Blue Devils offense.