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5 Questions: Kansas vs. Southeast Missouri State

We have five burning questions about the Jayhawks' first game of the 2014 college football season.

Jamie Squire

1) How will Montell Cozart perform, entering this season as the #1 option at quarterback?

Coach Weis said in his press conference on Tuesday that Cozart is bordering on cockiness with how high his confidence is right now. It can only be beneficial to enter the season with confidence, and an early season match-up with an FCS team is likely to only help that confidence. However, you have to be concerned about being too hyped up for this game and overlooking the opponent. It is not likely that KU will lose this one, but SEMO is going to come ready to play and will leave it all out on the field. We've seen some of what Cozart can do from his playing time last year, but will he be able to stay focused after a full off-season in which he knew he was the number one option? Conventional knowledge would say he'll be fine, but stranger things have happened.

2) How much will Joe Dineen play?

He's on the two-deep depth chart and according to Weis, that means he's going to see some action on the field; how much of it though? The defensive back turned running back is going to be given a chance, and based on his responses in his press conference it sounds as though Charlie Weis in confident in his ability in the backfield. Based on the lack of depth in the running back corps currently for KU, do not be surprised if he sees a decent amount of snaps in a game that KU should have an overall advantage in.

3) Is Southeast Missouri State's last performance a cause for concern?

In short: not really. Yes, SEMO did put up 77 points in their first game and they shut out their opponent. The reason this is not a cause for concern is the fact that they beat Missouri Baptist, an NAIA school. The high point total from week one should not be worrisome to KU or its fans.

4) How much more will KU run than pass on offense?

Southeast Missouri State frequently rushes only three and drops eight in coverage, so you can expect KU to keep the ball on the ground for most of the game. The running backs are not ideal, but several backs will still be getting carries, Tony Pierson will likely get the ball in the backfield a few times and you have a mobile quarterback in Cozart. With a defense that can be run on and a passing game with a lot of questions, if Kansas finds success running the ball early on, you can expect that to be the trend for the full 60 minutes.

5) Will a wide receiver stand out amongst the pack?

As stated in the previous question, you can expect minimal passing in this game, assuming that the Jayhawks can run the ball successfully. However, it will only benefit this team if someone from the receiving corps steps up in this game. Again, this s not the stiffest of competition but anything positive for this Kansas team should be welcomed no matter who the opponent is. You have to hope for at least one receiver to make an impact when Cozart puts the ball in the air. Nick Harwell is a likely candidate, but if one of the receivers who played for this team in 2013, such as Parmalee or Coleman or one of several others can stand out, it will make the offense much better and relieve the running backs at least slightly during the course of the season.