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Weird Wednesday

Our periodic look at the insanity and hilarity of the sporting world.

I'm pretty shocked at last week's winner.  I was sure that the returning champ would take it again, but apparently weird reading challenges are much stranger and/or cooler than accidental motorcycle stunts.  On to the weird of the week:


Honorable Mentions:

I Can't Stop Watching This Dude Try To Hit A 186-MPH Fastball

 Maybe he should start swinging BEFORE the pitch.

Vanderbilt Overturned A Referee's Penalty By Making Him Read An Email

 Up next, Texas "receives" and email allowing 12 men on the defense from the Big 12

Slightly Creepy Bart Simpson Joins Russian Soccer Club

 Someone sure is capitalizing on the Simpsons marathon on FXX...

Cyclists Confuse Laundry Soap For Sports Drink, End Up In Hospital

 Soap/Sports Drink.  They pretty much taste the same, don't they?


And now for the countdown...


#5 - New Zealand FIBA Team Does Haka Dance, Confuses Team USA Players

 These dances are cool, but I was disappointed when the USA forfeited the dance-off.

#4 - High School Baseball Game In Japan Takes 50 Innings, Four Days

 The best part of the story was that if they had gone 54 innings without breaking the tie, then it would have been decided by coin flip.  Seriously? Why 54?

#3 - Marcell Ozuna's Throw Home Almost Hits His Teammates In The Dugout

 Maybe they shouldn't have messed with him between innings.....

#2 - Johnny Cueto Celebrates Win By Flicking Mike Leake's Crotch

 Doesn't everyone associate wins with touching a teammate's genitals?

#1 - This Ridiculous Catch Took Two Hands And An Ass

 Just like they drew it up.


So there you have you countdown.  Can any of these (or even all of them) unseat our returning champion?