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Victory of the Week

Come and share your greatest accomplishment, or simply the best thing that has happened to you this week.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

It's that time of the week again, where you share with the rest of us the best thing(s) that happened to you this week, and weigh in on the best KU-related news item.  Lots of possibilities this week, so plenty of room to debate.

Personally, there was a ton going on this week.  My promotion at work finally became official, which means I'm a salaried employee and don't have to put in time sheets every week.  Also, my kids got a hard-fought win against one of the two teams ahead of them in the team standings.  Unfortunately, it looks like my youngest son might have broken his hand, so he could be out for a while.

As for KU, there was a lot of activity, but two stuck out.  The soccer team beat Baylor 1-0, and Charlie Weis got fired.  While only the first is an actual victory, in a small way the second one was a victory for all the long-suffering KU fans who didn't understand why he was hired in the first place (and pretty much everyone else too).

So what is it this week?  Is the Weis firing a victory, or are we just admitting defeat?  And what was your personal VOTW?