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Charlie Weis Out at Kansas

Weis and the brash east-coast attitude is out at KU. Clint Bowen is up next - for the interim.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Who will be KU's next coach?  Now we can start talking about it.  Oh wait, we have been already!! As I'm sure you've read by now from the SBNation article or any of the other various sources, Weis is out at KU after winning just six games - three against FBS teams - in 2 1/3 seasons at KU. That win total also includes only on Big 12 conference win.

While Weis was able to bring in several highly regarded recruits to town, the results never were there on the football field, and Kansas often looked lost on offense.  Even this year, when the defense was supposed to be the strength of this team, they followed up a 21 point fourth-quarter against FCS Southeast Missouruh with a 41 points-allowed effort vs Duke the very next week.

While the defense has improved the last two games, the offense has not, and I think athletic director Sheahon Zenger finally saw what we've all been complaining about.  It hasn't all been on the players, despite what more than a few comments from Charlie Weis may have led you to believe.  I believe that we do have the talent to win some Big 12 games, and with proper coaching and preparation, it can be done.

We'll have more reaction throughout the upcoming week, so be sure to check back regularly.  In the meantime, who should Zenger have his eye on?