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Big XII Conference Recap- Week 5

Kansas played (defense) against Texas on Saturday, and if you need more insight into that contest, RCT has you covered. As for the rest of the Big XII, here’s a quick recap of all the games.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

#24 Oklahoma State 45, Texas Tech 35

This was an entertaining, back and forth game for most of the evening on Thursday until Oklahoma State finally put some space between themselves and the Red Raiders midway through the fourth quarter. Cowboy quarterback Daxx Garman threw for 370 yards, connecting on 17 of his 31 attempts. He had four TD passes and two interceptions in the game as well as an eight-yard TD run to seal the game for the Pokes. Texas Tech QB Davis Webb had similar numbers (372 yards, 4 TD, 2 INT) but did so on many more attempts. He was 35 of 54 on the night. It doesn’t get any easier for Tech as they travel to Manhattan to face K-State. Okie State has it a little easier as Iowa State rolls into Stillwater next Saturday.

#25 Kansas State 58, Texas- El Paso 28

Bill Snyder has a new jacket! In unrelated and not nearly as important news, it appears that K-State has a pretty solid run defense. After holding Auburn to minimal yards last week, they upped the ante against UTEP. KSU’s run defense yielded just 47 yards to Aaron Jones, the man who was the nation’s second leading rusher. The Wildcats gave up one first down in the first half. It was a pretty dominating performance and one that was even more dominating than the score line indicated. K-State will hope to keep it up next week when Texas Tech comes to town.

TCU 56, SMU 0

Nothing to really say about this one except that I wish SMU was on KU’s schedule somehow. Oh, and TCU was awarded a giant skillet for winning this game. SMU had the ball for 5 minutes more than the Horned Frogs and still managed to lose by eight touchdowns. I have a feeling that next week’s game won’t be such a walk in the park for TCU as they host #4 Oklahoma.

#7 Baylor 49, Iowa State 28

It was 35-7 at the half. Yes, Iowa State got some late consolation points, but it doesn’t really mask the fact that Baylor was the clearly dominant team. The 49 points scored by the Bears actually lowered their nation-leading points per game average to 58.6. Bryce Petty chucked it around like usual, going 30 of 44 for 336 and a TD. Next week, Baylor travels to Texas. The Cyclones head to Oklahoma State.

Up-to-date Big XII Standings:

Oklahoma 4-0, 1-0

Baylor 4-0, 1-0

Oklahoma State 3-1, 1-0

Kansas State 3-1, 1-0

Texas 2-2, 1-0

TCU 3-0, 0-0

Kansas 2-2, 0-1

Texas Tech 2-2, 0-1

West Virginia 2-2, 0-1

Iowa State 1-3, 0-2