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Rock Chalk Talk Podcast Now on ITunes


John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

You asked for it, nay, begged for it, and now your benevolent masters have heard your call: the Rock Chalk Talk Podcast, cleverly named "Rock Chalk Talk Podcast" is now available at iTunes.

To find the podcast, visit this URL, or in the next couple days you can find it via the search function right in itunes or your podcasts app if you have an Apple device.

If you'd like the RSS feed of the podcast, you can go here, and if you'd like the podcast page you can go here.

Unfortunately only episodes 3 and later will be available, but the first two can be viewed here and here.

Now it's time for you guys to do some work and chime in: going forward, tell us how often you'd like us to podcast, how long you want each podcast to be (or thereabouts) and if there's any special topics you'd like us to cover.

If you don't have a SBN username, first of all what the hell are you waiting for, but second of all tweet us @rockchalktalk to make your opinions heard.