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Kansas vs. Central Michigan: Do You Really Feel Any Better?

Kansas beat Central Michigan 24-10 this weekend and perhaps Charlie Weis bought himself a little more goodwill with Kansas fans, but should a win like this actually warrant that?

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Last week following a pretty lackluster performance at Duke, most Kansas fans were pretty far over the fence in terms of Charlie Weis and the state of this football program.   It's a tricky situation because continuity has long been an issue at Kansas and the cycle we're in right now is an ugly one.  It makes it difficult to think about firing or ridding ourselves of another head coach just five years removed from the beginning of one of the fastest downward spirals many can remember.

Nonetheless that's where the fanbase seemed to be.  Ready to turn the page, thankful that perhaps we fixed our issues off the field and buttoned up the conditioning program, but we were still light years away from improvement on the field.

Then Saturday happens.  Kansas fans seemed to show up in larger numbers than I would have expected considering a weather delay and the no show a week prior.  At the same time it was the last chance for a win and who doesn't at least consider a Saturday in Lawrence in the Fall something you need to do at least once a year.  The Jayhawks win the game 24-10 and actually sure things up at the end by driving down for a score that puts the game out of reach.  Win goes to Kansas over a Central Michigan team that was pretty short handed and lost at home to a poor to mediocre Syracuse team a week prior.

A quick poll of the fanbase yield a bit of satisfaction at what transpired and a small but noticeable shift in the Weis hatred from a week ago. But do you really feel better?  It was a 7-3 halftime lead, a game that still left plenty to be desired and a game that hardly gives any sense of confidence that this team can win one in the Big 12.  Even if they do that, how long can two wins over non-BCS schools and squeaking out a win in the league really be considered remotely acceptable?

Texas comes to town next week. Texas isn't looking all that hot but it seems like every time Kansas has a chance or gets Texas on the ropes, the Longhorns come out ahead.  This is one of the best shots Kansas has to get that elusive win against the Longhorns and maybe then we can feel a little better.  But before you get to excited just remember that even though Texas looks down, Kansas has looked far worse.  So put it all back in perspective.  Kansas is 2-1, support the players, support the program, but do we really feel any better about Charlie Weis today just because we beat CMU at home?