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RCT: There's a New Sherriff In Town

So long folks...well not really. I'm still going to be around, hopefully more...just have to pass the torch of responsibility because I'm through with that business!

Alright folks, I'm passing the baton so to speak.  For those of you that have been around for awhile I've been at this little shindig since shortly after that amazing year of 2007-2008.  An epic time for Kansas athletics and an amazing time to write about and discuss Kansas sports even though there were only like four of us around these parts.

I've been very fortunate to be able to tinker around and turn a hobby into something I could share with others, and it's been awesome to watch this grow into a somewhat self sustaining community and fortunately for me it reached that point about the same time that I couldn't sustain what I was contributing.

Life demands, new pursuits and a variety of changes have led me to the conclusion that taking a step back is the right thing to do and at the end of the day I think it's the best thing for this place.  That's not to say I'm departing, I'll still have a role here and should time permit I'll still write and throw in my two cents albeit a negative two cents at the moment.

All that said, we'll go ahead and pass this thing off to Mikeville who will take the reigns as the man in charge with myself, Misterbrain and Penhawk assuming assistant responsibilities, although I'll consider my role more like the random charity event that Todd Reesing played in that one time.

Mike has done a great job picking up the torch over this past summer, he's fresh, young, motivated and has a tremendous background from his time writing for the mid major powerhouse blog with UTEP.  He's exactly what we want in a football coach right now, but instead we are all stuck with the equivalent of me going to write for a crap blog and arrogantly talking about how great I am and all the good I'm going to do only to disappear for six months.  (This whole last paragraph was sarcasm and a clear jab at Charlie Weis so if you missed that, now you know).

In all seriousness, it's been great to see this place develop.  I'm happy to pass the torch and take a little step back in responsibilities because at this point the community is doing the legwork and that's the whole point.  So Rock Chalk, I'll remember fondly our logo contest, the Insight Bowl, my trip to the Final Four, the last game KU trip to Lincoln, my tailgate with KUGrad, the last days of Missouri, the pissing contests with K-State and the damn redesign that ruined all our hard work making our little quirky community our own.

So long suckers!  I'm talking to you Mike...your long hours will soon be rewarded with incredible amounts of wealth and travel.  Ok so maybe not, but it'll be a fun ride I can promise you that.