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Games to Watch in Week 3 of College Football

Texas looks for redemption while the SEC East could get much clearer.

Chris Covatta

Each Thursday, we’ll bring you some key matchups from around the country, so you can plan your weekend accordingly.

#12 UCLA vs. Texas in Arlington, TX

At least this game gives Texas a chance to redeem itself after that terrible showing against BYU. The problem though is that UCLA looks pretty good. They went to Virginia and won, and they handled Memphis last weekend. Unlike some other teams, at least UCLA has scheduled some teams from bigger football conferences and they’ve taken care of business. On the other hand, you have Texas, who could be the worst team in the state of Texas in major college football, which is incredible considering their reach and resources. Game time: 7:00 PM CT on Fox.

Tennessee at #4 Oklahoma

Neither team has been challenged yet this season, so this game provides a real "where do they stand" kind of feel. If Oklahoma comes out and beats Tennessee handily, we can start to believe that this team, along with Baylor, is the cream of the crop in the Big XII. And if Tennessee can come to Norman and win, they are probably a team that Missouri and Georgia will have to be wary of in the SEC East. Lots of what-ifs, but if things go according to plan (that plan being an OU win), then we have what we’ve always known: a top tier Big XII team and a mid-pack SEC squad. Tune into to ABC at 7:00 PM CT to see what transpires.

#6 Georgia at #24 South Carolina

South Carolina can’t afford to go 0-2 in conference play, but after a less than dominant performance against East Carolina and an absolute thumping at the hands of Texas A&M, the chances don’t look good. Plus, Georgia hammered Clemson and have had a week of rest. If Georgia loses, it opens up the title for Missouri if they can take care of business in the SEC East. If you want to watch this matchup tune in to CBS at 2:30 PM CT.

Arkansas at Texas Tech

Texas Tech keeps winning games, but they haven’t won anything convincingly yet. Subpar performances against Central Arkansas and UTEP haven’t exactly endeared the Red Raider fans to this team, and it’s hard to gauge the Razorbacks so far this year as they were beaten by #5 Auburn and subsequently rolled Nichols State by 66 points. This game could be seen as crucial by both sets of fans, but a big win at home against Arkansas would put Red Raiders fans minds at ease, at least for a week. This game can be seen at 2:30 PM on ABC.

West Virginia at Maryland

Maybe West Virginia will hammer Maryland and make the Big 10 look even more pathetic than it already has this season. That would be a fun storyline and further proof that the Big XII is as deep as any conference. You can watch this one at 11:00 AM CT on the Big Ten Network.

Minnesota at TCU

Here’s another one that can show the Big XII’s superiority over the Big Ten. When teams in the middle or bottom (although mysteriously Minnesota might be one of the better teams in the Big 10 West) of your conference play teams in similar positions in another power conference, it demonstrates the depth and dominance of your league. Watch this contest on Fox Sports One at 3:00 PM CT.