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Weird Wednesday

Our periodic look at the insanity and hilarity of the sporting world.

With a three-way tie for winner last week, I'm at a loss for what to do.  Since I guess it wasn't dethroned, the returning champ will get to keep it's title.  It was pretty hard to fill out the top 5 this week, but either of the top 2 should be able to dethrone the returning champ.

As always, we start with the...


Honorable Mentions

Fake Quote About Derek Carr Getting Mall Tacos Makes It Into AP Story


Poor Bastard Loses Fantasy Matchup On Last-Second QB Kneeldown

I hate stories about other people's Fantasy Football teams, but this is downright brutal.

Pizza Apologizes To Victims Of Domestic Violence

This one is pretty sad.  I'm guessing someone is getting fired....

 Joel Embiid DMs 2K Sports Rep Seeking Better Video Game Ratings

Increase his real-life current abilities by 1,000,000%!


And now to the countdown.


#5 - Here's James Harden Falling Off A Segway

Are these things really THAT hard to ride?  And if you fall off, is it really THAT hard to get back on it?

#4 - Marcus Stroman Narrowly Escapes Taking A Liner To The Face

With all the head injuries we've seen to pitchers, this was actually pretty scary to watch live.  One lucky guy.

#3 - Police: Dad, Football Coach Get Into Armed Conflict Over Playing Time

And this is when you know it has gone too far.  Man gets mad over playing time. Flashes gun. Starts beating up coach.  Other parents JOIN in the beating. Coach's wife runs to the car, grabs her own gun, and starts shooting into the air.  Next time, let's check the guns and fists at the gate, shall we?

#2 - Maurice Jones-Drew Bicycle-Kicks His Fumble Into Derek Carr's Hands / Antonio Brown Kicks A Punter In The Face, In Extreme Slow Motion

The other side of the kicking game.

#1 - Dodgers Screw Up So Hard, Commit Three Errors On One Play

To be able to screw up so many times in a row is a talent.  Add in the fact that they still won this one going away, and it makes it all the more puzzling.


So which member of our countdown is good enough to bring down the returning champ?  Vote below and let us know.