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Kansas Football Uniforms: 2014 Preview

With so many uniform options, we predict what KU football could (and should) look like during the 2014 season.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Last week I gave my assessment of KU’s football uniform choices in 2013 and in weeks prior to that, we looked into the past at some of the uniforms KU has worn in the most successful years in the program’s history. Now, we’ll look forward to the 2014 season with conjecture and preferences against certain opponents. To make it more difficult, KU added the garish "Crimson/Chrome" jersey set to the mix this season. Here we go.

Game 1- September 6 vs. SE Missouri State

Ah, the season opener and this time, the KU fans will get to vote on what Kansas wears. Initially, I was worried that it would be a free for all, with any and all bizarre combinations up for grabs, but luckily, the KU athletic department has narrowed it down to three choices: White/blue/white (which they wore in the season opener last season), Red/Blue/White, and the hideous Blue/Dark Grey/Dark Grey. Let’s hope the fans realize that we’re supposed to wear blue at home. If the fan base chooses that grey monstrosity, I will never have any faith in anything they ever do again.

Prediction: Red/Blue/White

Preference: White/Blue/White. This is the home opener, and I want the Jayhawks to look like the Jayhawks and this is the closest we can get with these three combinations. Plus, they looked pretty good with this combo last season in the opener.

Game 2- September 13 at Duke

Well, if this were basketball, I think we’d know what each team would look like, but things get a bit more complicated on the gridiron. Duke has a few options for their home set that ranges from any combo containing a black, white, or blue helmet, a black or blue jersey, and blue or white pants. Lots of choices, but it’ll most likely be blue/blue/white or some combo with lots of black and blue. From a KU perspective, why not make this one of the games where you feature some red to differentiate yourselves from the Dukies?

Prediction: Red/White/Red

Preference: Red/White/Blue especially if Duke breaks out the white pants.

Game 3- September 20 vs. Central Michigan

Most of the time Central Michigan wore burgundy/white/white away from home, saving the sweet looking gold jerseys as a home alternate, but wouldn’t it be cool if we got to see a rare color vs. color game in person at Memorial Stadium? I doubt it happens, but if the Chippewas do it, we’d really be in for a treat.

Prediction: Blue/Blue/Light Grey

Preference: Blue/Blue/Light Grey. I really think they’ll go traditional in this one just like they did for the second home game last year.

Game 4- September 27 vs. Texas

Well, you know that Texas is going to be in all white. Plus, this game will probably be on national TV in some capacity or another, so I really believe that this is the game where KU decides to look weird. Somehow, the prospect of being the exact opposite of UT from a uniform perspective is exactly what the marketing guys are looking for. Could be a good debut for the crimson chrome uniforms. Prepare to want to tear out your retinas when this game rolls around.

Prediction: Crimson Chrome or some other ridiculous option like Blue/Dark Grey/Red

Preference: Blue/Blue/Blue. We’re Kansas and we wear blue.

Game 5- October 4 at West Virginia

At least it can’t get any more hideous than it was last year when WVU came to Lawrence. And honestly, when Kansas plays on the road, the options just aren’t as bad because they have to wear their white jersey. Let’s hope they keep it sensible for this trip to Morgantown. I think they will.

Prediction: White/White/Dark Grey.  I think this is the only occasion where the dark greys are acceptable.

Preference: White/White/White looked pretty good last year at Rice and the Mountaineers wear similar colors.

Game 6- October 11 vs. Oklahoma State

You never really know what you’re going to get with the Cowboys but since KU is the home team, they make the decisions. In this battle of teams that are trying to compete for most uniform possibilities in the Big XII, I think you’ll see some pretty weird looking things on the field, and I think in the end, KU will use this opportunity to debut the garish crimson chrome get up if they didn’t do it the in prior home game against the Longhorns.

Prediction: Crimson Chrome

Preference: Red/Blue/Red. They looked better than I thought last year, and I’m ready to see them again.

Game 7- October 18 at Texas Tech

Tech is another team with a million choices, and you’d think that at least part of their home set will feature red seeing as they are the Red Raiders, so I expect KU to feature as much blue as they can.

Prediction: White/White/Blue.  Gotta use an alternate helmet in the never ending battle for uniform superiority. Plus, it looks really good.

Preference: Blue/White/Blue. Looked so good last year at Iowa State. It’s probably KU’s best road look.

Game 8- November 1 at Baylor

I’m not sure about this one. Is this the game where KU goes really traditional on the road? They will probably do something like that, but I just have no idea which combination they’ll use.

Prediction: Blue/White/White.A solid look.

Preference: Blue/White/Light Grey. A more solid look.

Game 9- November 8 vs. Iowa State

Last year’s game in Ames was one of the best-looking games in all of college football. Why not try to recreate that only in reverse? The look that ISU has been sporting the last few seasons is quite solid so there’s no reason to believe they’ll deviate from that. Can Kansas keep up their end of the bargain?

Prediction: Blue/Blue/White.

Preference: Blue/Blue/Light Grey. Man, this has the potential to be one of the best-looking games in Memorial Stadium in some time.

Game 10- November 15 vs. Texas Christian

The big question is whether KU goes traditional in their final home game of the season or whether they mix it up and throw a giant curveball. Because I’m putting money on a traditional look against ISU the week prior (ISU is an old Big 8 rival too), I think KU will do something weird. I hope not, but they probably will.

Prediction: Blue/Dark Grey/Blue

Preference: Red/Blue/White. If you’re going to go unconventional, at least make it look classy.

Game 11- November 22 at Oklahoma

Here’s another chance to look great against an old time rival, but last year at Memorial Stadium KU decided to look outlandish when the Sooners came to town. Luckily, the road combos offer far fewer weirdo choices, and I think KU will try to go heavy on the blues against OU. Let’s hope so.

Prediction: Blue/White/Blue. I think there’s a legitimate chance that this is the only game I get right all season long.

Preference: Blue/White/Blue.

Game 12- November 29 at Kansas State

You know you’re getting silver/purple/silver when you play in Manhattan, but what will Kansas wear? We’re running out of road uniform combinations regardless of predictions here and I doubt that KU will repeat anything they’ve worn so far, so this game is a real toss up from a uniform perspective. I hope the outcome of the game is also a toss up.

Prediction: Blue/White/Red.  Do the Hawks go with more red in their final appearance of the season?

Preference: Chrome/White/Blue. They have a history of interesting and new combos in the final game of the season.

Well, that’s the 2014 uniform preview for KU football. I probably got zero percent of the games right, but we’ll see. I’ll be back each week to analyze what KU wore, see what it looked like against the competition, and give my grades on the team from an aesthetic point of view. I’ll also compare what KU actually wore to my predictions and preferences. See you then. Rock Chalk. Oh, and if you’ve got an opinion of what KU should wear, feel free to voice your opinions below.