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Weird Wednesday - The Reboot Edition

Our periodic look at the insanity and hilarity of the sporting world.


After a long hiatus, we've been able to bring back the short-lived weekly feature where we get to laugh at the crazy goings-ons in the world, whether they are sports related or not.

For those of you who aren't familiar with our little game here, I nominate 5 stories from the week, ranking them in terms of their oddity, and then we all vote on which we think is actually the most absurd.  Each week, the winner moves along to the next week to try and retain its title.   However, since this is the reboot edition, we won't carry over the winner from last time.

So without further ado....

Honorable Mentions:

Giant ketchup bottle landmark in Illinois is for sale (VIDEO) | Wichita Eagle

Ketchup (or catsup) not included.

Bolivian president seeks votes in the bedroom | Wichita Eagle

Not what I'd consider to be pillow-talk.

Nats Fans Went A Little Crazy Over Jayson Werth Gnomes


And now your Top 5:

#5 - The Story Behind Those Jerry Jones Photos Is Weirder Than The Photos

The photos themselves are just creepy. In this day, old guys with young girls isn't that uncommon.  Throw in this weird narrative, and the whole situation comes through as fairly weird.

#4 - This Is The Best Excuse For Failing A Breathalyzer Test

The excuse is fairly inventive, but it's the roundtable commentary that pushes this one into the Top 5.

#3 - Kansas farmer serenades cows with trombone version of Lorde’s ‘Royals’ | The Kansas City Star

The farmer is back at it again.  This video fits right in with his other offerings.

#2 - Rogue Ball Thrown On Field During Live Play, Confusing Everyone

This one was tough to keep out of the top spot, as it is something I wouldn't have thought would happen in my wildest imagination.  But when you factor in that the ball came from a bullpen wild pitch, and that team is the one that benefited from the called out, my inner conspiracy-theorist screams enough to make me wonder.

#1 - German Player Bellyflops Right Into Perfect Header

This is another of those "never in a million years" kind of plays that makes you wonder.  This wasn't a case of a player completely selling out and making a great play. Instead, this is one player making a lazy cross, another player gettingped up and falling to the ground, and the ball serendipitously hitting him on the head as he ever so slightly starts to look up to see what is going on.

So now it is your turn to tell me. Which story really should be our champion this week?

EDIT: Most of the links were provided courtesy of mikeville.  While I specified his help, let's get more participation next week.  Email those links to me with your RCT username and I'll make sure to give you credit.