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Big 12 Hosts the "State of College Athletics" in New York City

Previewing today's open forum on the numerous issues confronting college athletics.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

As has been mentioned in the New and Notes, the Big XII is hosting an open forum at 3pm Kansas time to discuss as many of the issues that we see in college athletics today as they can reasonably come up with.  For a quick preview, check out this video (courtesy of Campus Insiders).  It's almost worth watching for the random "One True Champion" commercial that pops up in the middle of one of Bob Bowlsby's answers.

I'm sure such issues as pay for athletes, guarantee of scholarships, and many other things we have heard over the last few years will come up, but I'm really interested in some of the smaller issues that usually get glossed over in media reports. What are those?  No clue. After all, the media doesn't care about them, so we probably haven't heard about them yet.

While the panel assembled should do a good job of rooting out the major issues, those are likely all the ones we have already heard about. I would have liked to see an athlete or two (or even a coach) from a non-revenue sport to give us a fuller picture of the challenges facing athletes.

If you are so inclined, you can catch the stream at numerous places, including Campus Insiders or Big 12 Athletics.  And after it is over, don't forget to come back and discuss what you heard.