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Kansas Jayhawks News and Notes 8.28.14

A look-see around today's internets.

Cooper Neill

- Kansas Sports -

Jayhawks will get early look at SEMO |

This season marks the second in a row that the Jayhawks have had one of their two bye weeks during the opening week of the year. Weis said that would frustrate him and his team most years. Not this year, though. "I’d always like to play early," Weis said. "But, in light of a couple of guys we’ve lost in the last couple of weeks (running backs Brandon Bourbon and Taylor Cox), I think it’s turned into a benefit for us."

SEC teams rush to schedule the Kansas Jayhawks | NBC Sports

Kansas’ reputation precedes itself. The program can’t escape the fact its 9-39 the past four seasons. And the Jayhawks are expected to finish last in the Big 12 Conference again this season. The program is essentially seen as a loophole in the SEC’s mandate. (Mr. Ed says: f I'm the KU AD, I'm all like, sure, I have this open home date in November 2018. What's that? No, we have too many road games scheduled already, we can't travel. Home and home? No, no, all I have left are home dates.)

University of Kansas Athletics - Ranked Jayhawks Set to Open Season at Home

Ready to get started on following up the most successful season in program history, No. 22 Kansas will open the 2014 season at home when the Jayhawks host the Kansas Invitational, Aug. 29-30.

University of Kansas Athletics - Kansas Set to Host Roadrunners in Lawrence Friday

Kansas soccer will attempt to move to 3-0 for the first time in five years as it welcomes in the UT-San Antonio Roadrunners on Friday, Aug. 29. The Jayhawks, who notched consecutive three-goal performances to open the season last week, will kickoff against UTSA at 5 p.m., inside the Jayhawk Soccer Complex.

- College Sports -

Iowa State Cyclones eyes open to tough opener vs, North Dakota State - ESPN

As North Dakota State was driving to knock off Kansas State in Manhattan, the Cyclones were licking the wounds after falling to another FCS power, Northern Iowa. So its little surprise that Iowa State is giving its full respect to this weekend’s opener with North Dakota State, which not only knocked off the Wildcats, but went on to capture a third consecutive FCS national title.

Nebraska Cornhuskers, Michigan Wolverines still have football tickets available - ESPN

While Nebraska's sacred sellout streak appears safe and Michigan will again hit six figures, they face a reality of lackluster home schedules and waning student interest in addition to the perception of sagging momentum on the field.

Virginia Tech announces extension for Frank Beamer -

Beamer Ball has been played at Virginia Tech for a while, and it appears it's going to stick around for a bit longer. The school announced a two-year contract extension for Frank Beamer Wednesday, with his new deal keeping him in Blacksburg through the 2019 season.

Pizzeria offers 'penny-a-point' deal 'when' Arkansas beats Auburn -

Via Fayetteville TV station KNWA, Eureka Pizza has announced a promotion where a Razorback victory Saturday at Auburn would result in customers getting a large pizza for the price in cents of Arkansas's point total -- viz. a 32-27 win would result in 32-cent pizzas.

"Student Athletes"- Okay, but what happens when things go wrong? - Frogs O' War

The one issue that both sides should be much more proactive in pursuing, however, is to ensure that the men who wear the jersey to represent our school and sacrifice their bodies for our universities have those bodies looked after properly after their days of playing are done, so that they're not left depending on the generosity of others for their continued well being. These men who we live vicariously through, sharing in their triumphs and failures, are owed more than that.

- Professional Sports -

Why can't the Royals hit the ball in the first seven innings of a game?  Life would be so much easier.

Ex-Jayhawk Black signs two-year deal with Rockets |

Former Kansas University center Tarik Black has signed a two-year, partially guaranteed contract with the NBA’s Houston Rockets, the Houston Chronicle reported on Wednesday night.

Andrew Wiggins making himself at home in Minnesota | 'Hawks in the NBA |

Wiggins out and about at the Minnesota State Fair; More Embiid on Twitter

Morris twins' next tattoos will be decided by fan voting | All Eyes on KU |

The Morris twins, ESPN The Magazine announced, will let the public pick their next tattoo.

How well do you know MLB's oddest rules? -

Think you're a baseball expert? Take the quiz and know for sure!

- In The News -

I know, I know, I said I wasn't gonna do this anymore, but I couldn't pass these up today.

Kansas Takes Steps To Outlaw Fantasy Football: Bad News For Yahoo!, CBS, And The NFL

he Kansas Gaming & Racing Commission’s new language seems to place the pay-to-enter fantasy football games hosted by Yahoo, CBS, ESPN and even the NFL itself on the wrong side of the line. (Mr. Ed says: What about March Madness pools? Fantasy baseball? Etc? This seems dumb, like they're attempting to regulate something just because they can.)

This Is What An Arby’s "Meat Mountain" Sandwich Looks Like In The Wild – Consumerist

We asked, and we received: After putting out the call for evidence of Arby’s new off-menu "Meat Mountain" sandwich, featuring an array of meats stacked like a towering, $10 homage to carnivores everywhere, our obliging readers have provided a few snaps of the sandwich in the wild.

- This Day in Sports History -

I may have to find a new source for this, it's been slim pickings lately.

1972 - Mark Spitz captured the first of his seven gold medals at the Summer Olympics in Munich, Germany, setting a world record in the 200-meter butterfly with 2 minutes and 7/10 of a second.

- Videos of the Day -

Some more webgems, some great commercials, and after a bat flies into the stands, I take a shot at Warden.

VIDEO: Your nightly jaw-dropping Andrelton Simmons defensive gem -

Here is your nightly Andrelton Simmons defensive gem. He did it to the Mets on Wednesday.

VIDEO: Adrian Beltre still has an arm -

Rangers third baseman Adrian Beltre may be past his prime, but his still uncork it from the hot corner.

VIDEO: Baylor celebrates McLane Stadium with time-lapse video -

The stadium's view of the Brazos River and pregame "sailgating" for a select few Bears fans promises to make the venue one of the most unique in the Big 12, if not all of college football. To celebrate, Monday Baylor released a time-lapse video of the stadium's construction, and if you're a sucker for construction time-lapse videos -- and really, who isn't? -- you're going to have to watch.

VIDEO: All the Best Madden 15 Glitches - SportsPickle | SportsPickle

A virtual player is going to get hurt. Virtual Goodell needs to do something.

Cardinals Fan Has No Idea He's About To Get Hit With A Flying Bat

You'll know the guy who's about to get hit because he is the only person in the entire section who does not react to the flying tree limb headed right for them. He remains unphased, locked in on whatever daydream he is dreaming. (Mr. Ed says: AJ Pierzynski better hope that guy doesn't sue him.)

Rutgers Spent $120,000 On This Commercial

Rutgers is debuting this TV commercial Thursday during their season opener against Washington State, and it's not a terrible commercial, but for $120,000? They could've coaxed Will Ferrell to stand in a field and say "Rutgers" for probably half of that, and it'd do better.

Sammy Sosa would like you to know that this video game is realistic -

High Heat 2001 is so real, you know. So, so real. Just ask Sammy Sosa. (Mr. Ed says: I remember this game! I enjoyed it back in the day.)

- Daily Trivia -

Yesterday's answers: Kerry Meier (Pittsburg, #2), Harrison Hill (Wichita, #9), and Dave Verser (KCK, #10) are Kansas natives in the top ten in receiving yards at KU.

Today's question: Who was the highest overall (edit: football) draft pick the Jayhawks have ever produced?  Bonus points for year, round, and selection.