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Weird Wednesday

Our periodic look at the insanity and hilarity of the sporting world.

Simon Hofmann

Sorry for the late publishing time here, but sometimes life doesn't like to let you get things done on time.  At least it is still Wednesday.

Have a few honorable mentions this week, so let's get right to it.

Honorable Mentions:

ESPN Is Sorry About That Report On Michael Sam's Showering Habits

Media gone cray-cray.  What else can I say?

Comedian Tempts Gym Goers With Pastries, Is Threatened With Violence

Juvenile humor at its best.

Packers' new stadium food is a giant sausage toilet seat -

The shape of this food item is unfortunate, but also great foreshadowing.


And now to the top 5

#5 - Kid With Popcorn-Bucket Hat Gets Smoked By Foul Ball, Falls Onto Field & Guy Spills Beer Everywhere Trying For Foul Ball; TV Guys Buy Him New One

Both of these links involve people getting hit with foul balls, dropping things, and the ball getting away. Tough luck guys.

#4 - College Scores 109-Yard Punt Return TD In First Ever Football Game

Many programs go a long time before getting a punt return TD so long. Congrats on getting this one, even if it was in a losing effort.

#3 - 50 Cent challenges Floyd Mayweather to read 'Harry Potter' -

So stupid and yet so awesome at the same time.

#2 - Watch This Miata Racer Pull Off A Move Of Dick Dastardly Proportions

When I first saw this, I nearly missed it.  It's such a subtle move, and yet it is probably enough to give even the most veteran racer a huge headache.

#1 - Single Bee Delays U.S. Open Match, Nearly Outwits Three Ballkids

Any time an athlete starts dancing with an insect, you know you have something good on your hands.


So there is your top 5.  Are any of them good enough to unseat last week's champion?