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Kansas Jayhawks News and Notes 8.26.14

A look-see around today's internets.

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John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

- Kansas Football -

Lewandowski recalls defensive roots |

At 290 pounds, Lewandowski has added more than 40 pounds to his 6-foot-51⁄2 frame since his days as a defensive end at Blue Valley West. Still, a gargantuan shadow casts over him now, thanks to the Jayhawks’ second-string left tackle, junior Larry Mazyck — listed at 6-8, 360.

KU coach Charlie Weis grateful for extra week of practice before football opener | The Kansas City Star

In a utopian world, Charlie Weis would prefer to be playing on college football’s opening weekend. But given Kansas’ current reality — including season-ending injuries to two senior running backs — Weis is suddenly thankful for the week-one bye on the Jayhawks’ schedule.

- Kansas Sports -

Bill Self says Cup good for ‘Svi’ |

"I guess they trained him well enough he made the team. I’m happy for him. I’m a little concerned he’s going to come in well behind, which he will. Without putting too much pressure on him, I was hoping he would be really ready to be a major contributor mid-November. It may take a little bit more time. But overall it’s a great experience for him. Certainly we’re happy for him."

KU’s women’s soccer team moved out of new complex because of poor grass conditions | The Wichita Eagle

"The Bermuda grass that was installed needed a typical hot Kansas summer to take hold," Marchiony said. "And as you know, we didn’t get that until last week."

- College Sports -

Bruce Pearl already has Auburn recruiting at highest levels -

By now you've probably heard about the weekend Bruce Pearl put together, and you likely know he secured commitments from two top-60 national recruits (Danjel Purifoy, Horace Spencer) and an elite junior college talent (T.J. Dunans). That's clearly impressive. But it's even more remarkable when you realize Auburn is now one of only eight programs with multiple commitments from prospects 247Sports ranks in the top 60 of the Class of 2015. The first seven schools on that list were Arizona, Duke, Florida, Louisville, Ohio State, Syracuse and UCLA.

How Michigan's Greed Alienated Fans: A Cautionary Tale For All College Football | ThePostGame

If the people running college football see their universities as just a brand, and the athletic departments merely a business, they will turn off the very people who've been coming to their temples for decades. Athletic directors need to remember the people in the stands are not customers. They're believers. Break faith with your flock, and you will not get them back with fancier wine.

If you treat your fans like customers long enough, eventually they'll start behaving that way, reducing their irrational love for their team to a cool-headed, dollars-and-cents decision to buy tickets or not, with no more emotional investment than deciding whether to go to the movies or buy new tires.

Army football working to build a winning culture, but at what cost? - College Football -

But the new attitude has rubbed a vocal segment of West Point graduates the wrong way. Maj. Dwight Mears, an assistant professor of history at the academy, wrote an editorial for The Washington Post last February that charged West Point with placing too much emphasis on football, claiming that the academy had relaxed admissions standards for recruited athletes and that victory on the football field has nothing to do with the army’s ability to win wars -- a fairly obvious statement that nevertheless goes against the entire mythology of the football program.

Whenever they take the field on game days, Black Knights players lay their hands on a plaque engraved with the famous World War II-era quote from Gen. George C. Marshall, "I want an officer for a secret and dangerous mission. I want a West Point football player."

- Professional Sports -

Case For 'Madden Cover Curse' Is Summed Up With One Single Mega-Infographic | ThePostGame

via - The Madden Curse has been well-documented in recent years, but perhaps not to the extent as this breakdown from Since 1999, the NFL player gracing the cover of the Madden NFL video game by EA Sports has run into trouble that season, most notably with injuries.

Oy! NHL threatened The Simpsons over Stanley Cup scene - NHL -

The best things about spending a few hours (all right, pretty much the whole weekend) watching the marathon broadcast of The Simpsons on FXX? One: avoiding work around the house. Two: the barrage of hockey references scattered throughout the first few seasons.

- This Day in Sports History -

1939 - The first televised MLB baseball games were aired, a doubleheader between the Cincinnati Reds and the Brooklyn Dodgers.

1947 - Don Bankhead became the first African-American pitcher in major league baseball.

- Video of the Day -

VIDEO: Adam Jones robs homer, converts double play -

Check out the defensive gem of the night for Monday: Adam Jones robbing a homer and turning it into a double play.

- Daily Trivia -

Friday's answer: June Henley tops the career charts in rushing at KU.  Laverne Smith and Clark Greene are #2 and #3.

Yesterday's answer: KU holds the record with 58 ties (according to the source I found, misterbrain please confirm) and last tied Iowa State on Oct 6, 1990 in Ames.

Today's question: I'm guessing everyone knows who the #1 career passer in KU history is, so I won't ask that.  Instead, who is #2 on that list?