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Bill Self Takes the Ice Bucket Challenge

Andy Lyons

The ice bucket challenge in support of finding a cure for ALS has been ubiquitous across facebook and twitter, with at this point I assume everyone in the world having done so at some point (for instance, here is someone picked totally at random).

Now, Kansas basketball head coach Bill Self has gotten in the act, taking on the challenge in front of Allen Fieldhouse. In typical self charismatic fashion, he asks for them to do it again when they're done, and generally doesn't look that fazed by it. Something about Kansas in August, I assume.

Afterwards, Self challenges the 2014-15 team to take part in the challenge next. Something tells me that, while they'll be doing the challenge on Sunday, it would probably be a more welcome challenge if they were to have to wait until the end of Self's now legendary week long boot camp.

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