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Victory Of The Week

Share your best accomplishment/bit-o'-luck from this week.

Jonathan Moore

It's that time again: time to share something wonderful/memorable/extra-(or just plain)-ordinary that happened to you this week.  Also, what's the best note of KU-related news of the week?

Personally, this hasn't been a spectacular week for me.  Kids did OK I'm football this weekend, but when your VOTW is the fact that you only rolled your ankle instead of breaking it.....

As for KU, I think the VOTW is that the volleyball team is ranked second in the Big 12 Preaseason poll, and 22nd in the national poll.  Even with the seniors they lost, they are getting the recognition for their good season last year.

What about you?  What personal accomplishment do you want to share with us this week?  Is there any better KU news than was shared above?  Let us know in the comments.