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Crimson/Chrome Football Uniforms

KU football finally joins the chrome trend with their newest alternate uniform.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

KU showed off fancy new red uniforms (dubbed "Crimson/Chrome") on Tuesday in a series of videos and photos. I have several uniform related articles penned for the upcoming weeks, but I feel that this new uniform set required a post all its own. Let’s get to the details.

The Helmet

Although KU football featured three helmets last season, none have featured college football’s latest trend, a chrome finish. This year, KU gets a shiny red chrome helmet with features the Jayhawk head prominently on the left side. This is the biggest logo KU has ever had on a helmet, and I actually like it. I’m usually not a big advocate for "shinier, newer, and bigger", but these helmets actually look pretty darn cool as long as they don't wear them all the time. The player's uniform number is on the right side of the helmet and a chrome facemask completes the look.

The Jersey

Red jerseys are nothing new to KU football. Heck, our most memorable game in the last 50 years featured the red jersey, but these are different. First, the reflective silver and blue Jayhawk adorns the shoulders where the traditional TV numbers would go. They look ok to me, but are probably a little too big.

Additionally, the word mark across the chest says "Jayhawks" instead of the typical "Kansas" and I like that a lot. They are reflective (see a theme here) and seem red in certain light, but when the light hit it directly, it becomes a blazing chrome. Alternate uniforms are supposed to be different, and this helps make it special. But the most unique detail is the tiny reflective blue "KU" text that are embedded in the numerals on the chest and back. A really awesome detail in my opinion.

The Pants

The pants are red with no stripes, which is a departure from the regular red pants that they wore at times last season. There is also a reflective Jayhawk on the left upper thigh that is similar to the ones on the shoulders. Just as I don’t think the chrome lid will replace the other red helmet with the angry Jayhawk on it, I don’t think these pants will eliminate the other red ones. This is a set that is meant to be worn together, not dissected apart, although I could be wrong as far as the helmet goes because I could see that with other jerseys.

Overall, they are pretty sharp looking as far as alternate uniforms go, but I am still a traditionalist and believe that KU should wear blue.  What do you think?  The comment section is all yours.