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Victory of the Week

Share your best accomplishment/bit-o'-luck from this week.

Buda Mendes

It's that time again: time to share something wonderful/memorable/extra-(or just plain)-ordinary that happened to you this week.  Also, what's the best note of KU-related news of the week?

Personally, it was kind of tough to come up with one for the week, so I'll probably just use my kids' football exploits.  My oldest son is the starting center on the varsity team, so he will be on the field pretty much every snap.  My middle son is one tough SOB.  He bashed his knee on a teammate's helmet in practice on Wednesday, but still finished out the week practicing and played left tackle in their game this week.  The youngest had a good week at practice too, but nothing special happened.

For KU, the VOTW would have to be King transferring and being able to play immediately.  Adding to our deep WR corps can only help Cozart and the other QBs out immensely.

What about you?  What personal accomplishment do you want to share with us this week?  Is there any better KU news than was shared above?  Let us know in the comments.