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RCT Site News

New writers update and a message from Owen.

Greetings Rock Chalk Talk Nation,

Just following up on the post a couple of weeks ago looking for volunteer writers. I wanted to let everyone know that we have (“we” being Owen and I me) recruited several people, and they are preparing stuff for you as we speak as I type. Hopefully they’ll all work out well for us and will help propel RCT through the doldrums of the summer months, and once the fall semester starts, they’ll continue to provide content throughout the weeks.

You should start seeing articles from these new authors popping up later this week and no later than next week.

If there’s anyone out there who is interested but hasn’t yet pull the trigger on contacting me, don’t be shy! Do it now!  And people who are currently authors (including myself), feel free to put up content anytime as well.  For example, I know misterbrain is planning on starting back up soon.

Also, just in case you missed it, in the first paragraph of this post I mentioned Owen. Yes indeed, the fabled Owen of Rock Chalk Talk is alive and well. Well, either that or someone has hacked his email account. He promises to be more active “soon.”

Speaking of Owen, I have a message from him (or whoever stole his email password) that I’d like to share with you all. I jokingly threatened to do this in a response back, and he didn’t say no, so here ya go, enjoy. (I guess if suddenly I’m banned, you’ll know why.) Don’t worry Owen, I edited out all the bad stuff.

Commence message from Owen:

Hey all, I also spoke with the SB Nation guys and suggested they reach out to mikeville. I'm still planning on 'managing'/writing or whatever once we get going this fall and trying to start getting a few things going here and there. 

Apologies for my absence.  I got involved in the beer industry on the side in addition to my day job and I have to say the combination of drinking amazing beers for free, buying amazing beers with someone else's money, and making a decent chunk of change has deflected me a bit from the whole RockChalkTalk thing.  That said, I do still love Kansas, hope to still contribute and hold on I suppose, but I certainly welcome mikeville’s assistance on this because it’s a bit of a labor of love, emphasis on labor of late.

Oh and let's be honest.  Charlie Weis isn't going to pull it off, this whole sign 26 JUCO players a year is going to sink us in a big way when we finally decide to move on from Charlie and quite frankly that's about as frustrating as it gets.  Thank God we have Bill Self, but I need a Final Four soon. I'm tired of hearing that we choke even though there is only limited truth to that.  Damnit!

I'm guessing if history holds that we'll have 3-4 more guys depart, probably one major piece that we were counting on not showing up and then we'll be sold that our QB this year is a "real keeper, you're gonna like what you see out there,"  then we'll suck.  My only hope is that John Reagan is somehow going to help turn this the right way and our defense can hold up.

And furthermore, Jake Heaps is probably going to end up being really good at Miami and he sucked for us, so did Dayne Christ-almighty!  End rant...go Jayhawks!

End message from Owen.

My only comment is, dang, I need a job where I buy "amazing beers" with other people's money.  That sounds awesome!

Anyway, please welcome our new authors, and keep on rockin' and chalkin'!