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Weekend Open Thread - 07.05.14-07.06.14

Join us for our random weekend discussions, and share your Victory of the Week.


With the move to only a single weekend post, I thought this would give us the perfect opportunity to start adding new discussion topics to our weekly rotation.

So while this article is meant for anything you want to talk about this weekend, I'll start it off with a concept I've seen been successful on other sites, and I think would work well for us here: your Victory of the Week.

The idea is simple, share your biggest accomplishment, or the best thing that happened to you this week.  It can be as simple as getting to spend more time with family than you thought, to a promotion you received, to anything else that you are proud of or really happy about.

Feel free to share one for not only you , but also what you see is the biggest Jayhawk VOTW as well.

While it is a bit old, I'd have to say the biggest recent victory for the Jayhawks would have to be getting selected to represent the USA next year in the World University Games.  It's a huge recruiting opportunity, and a good chance to get extra practice time.

As for my personal VOTW, I took an actuarial exam on Wednesday and passed it.  This was a huge accomplishment for me, as it took up 450+ hours of my time over the last 4 months studying for it, and it comes with a raise and a bonus, so that's pretty nice.

How about you?  Share your Victory of the Week, and join us in discussing anything you want this weekend.  And don't forget that the OTT is up.